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Notes from the Experts

Improving the Use of Hearing Aids

There have been many studies done that have shown that a significant percentage of people who have hearing aids do not use them consistently.

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Why are there different levels of hearing aid technology?

These days information is everywhere!  We research everything!   We don’t buy a toaster or a car without reading the features, the benefits and reviews.   We want to make sure we are not sold to but rather making an informed decision to purchase.  We don’t care for cheesy sales tactics and we want to make sure we know what we’re talking about before we set foot in a store.  These tendencies hold true for hearing aids as well!  You are probably researching and finding out that there is a lot to...

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Insurance Benefits for Hearing Aids

If you have an Insurance plan that covers the purchase of hearing aids, consider yourself one lucky person!  Hearing aid benefits are hard to come by.  Unfortunately, even though there is a large population of people that would benefit from this coverage it is seldom seen.  Although you may qualify for Medicare or Medicaid coverage, just be aware that

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Hearing aids change lives

Alison Myers can fully participate at work and play thanks to her Pure® hearing aids. With the help of Siemens Pure® hearing aids and miniTek™ wireless remote, Tim King enjoys success in his career and at home.

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Video: Resound Linx2 Hearing Aid

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Using Solar Power to Enable Better Hearing

Botswana-based Deaftronics attempts to tackle a similar problem. It has manufactured the first solar-powered hearing aid unit, Solar Ear.

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Preventing the Noise Problem

By Dr. Virginia Wise Most people know that hearing loss can be caused by excessive noise exposure. What most people don’t know is that noise exposure is time-weighted, or even what that means.

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They Say "It's Normal for Your Age" But, Is It?

By Dr. Virginia Wise, Audiologist You hear it often, from doctors and other professionals, and those who say it usually mean well. But what they really should be saying instead is, “It’s common for your age”.  While hearing loss with age is very common, hearing loss is never ‘normal’.

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It's Affecting Your Health

  By Virginia Wise, Audiologist Hearing loss is a pain-free disease. Or is it? Hearing loss goes untreated in the vast majority of people who experience it. The reasons vary from denial, to embarrassment, to vanity, to finances. Whatever the reason, many people are reluctant to seek treatment for a hearing loss. Common wisdom says that it doesn’t need to be a priority because it causes no pain, and therefore we can ignore it until it’s so bad we can no longer function. But trust me; it’s...

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Hearing Loss

by Virginia Wise, Audiologist A Few Statistics on Hearing Loss We all know someone with hearing loss. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, a friend, or great Aunt Sally, we understand that hearing loss is common. But just how common is it? Here are just a few statistics on hearing loss:

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