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Before getting these new aids I had started going back to my old habits, the habitsI had before I got my original aids. Asking people to repeat, saying “huh” or “what”, reading lips, having the radio and TV up too loud. I couldn’t understand people clearly with my old aids, even had to have my wife come into the room with me when she was talking. I scheduled an appointment with Linda to get a repair done, but I hadn’t seen her or made an appointment in seven years, so she said I needed a test and the results really shocked me. The change is my hearing was a big difference, especially in my left ear. She explained the results and gave me the recommendation of new aids, ones that cross over the sounds. The difference is amazing! Life is smoother, no more “huh” or “what” after people talk, the radio and TV volume has gone way down. Told the grandkids they’d have to watch what they say now because I can hear it all! My advice, don’t wait, get them! For the money, they are worth it! I’m hearing all things I was missing and that is worth every penny.

~Barry Horner, May 29, 2020

I came to McCollum Hearing Center because they were hightly recommended to me from Lou Scally at WJEJ radio.  He has nothing but great things to say about the team at McCollum Hearing Center and I couldn't agree more.  I had worn hearing aids prior to coming to McCollum Hearing Center but noticed a huge difference from my previous provider's service and what I experienced with them.  The professionals at McCollum Hearing really took the time to give me a lot of information about my hearing test and the options I had in hearing technology.  They went into the details of what I would be receiving and why it would be beneficial for my hearing loss.  I can see a huge difference between my old hearing aids and the new Phonak Marvel aids that I purchased.  The aids really do a great job at reducing background noise so that I can hear in a noisy situation.  Being able to adjust the volume, bass and treble of my aids on my phone app has been very helpful as well.  The major improvement that I notice, is being able to hear and understand on the phone.  I can now hear on my cell phone better than on my home phone because the call comes in thru both of my ears.  It is a wonderful feature that use often.  I no longer have to rely on my wife to make the phone calls for me because now I am confident that I can hear and understand what the person on the other end is saying.  I also love that these hearing aids are rechargeable and I do not have to worry about buying or changing batteries, ever!  My advice, to anyone who thinks they need hearing aids, would be to not wait any longer because you will be amazed at the difference.  You will not realize how much you were missing out on until you can hear again with the help of the hearing aids.  

~Kim Bowers, March 5, 2020


When I was repeatedly seeing ads for McCollum Hearing Center, I knew it was finally time for me to do something about my hearing.  I had been experiencing problems for over 10 years and I had put off taking steps to improve my hearing.  I had my hearing tested before at work and it was a basic Pass/Fail type of test.  This test and consultation was more in depth and helped me to understand why I was having problems and how I could fix my hearing.  I think the service at McCollum Hearing Center is excellent and I am 100% satisfied with my hearing aids and the service that I have received.  I can now hear clearly especially in a group setting and I am no longer asking anyone to repeat themselves or just nodding along (not knowing what is being said).  Maybe most importantly, my wife is very happy the volume on the TV is down!  My advice to others in the same situation, is to not wait any longer and just make an appointment!

~Douglas Minnick, September 10, 2019


I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center through my insurance company that they work with.  My life is 100% better overall since purchasing hearing aids.  I have improved my navigation and can distiguish where sounds are coming from. My wife is no longer repeating herself and my aids do not whistle like older hearing aids used to do.  I am very happy and satisfied with the service at McCollum Hearing Center.  They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions.  With the hearing aids I feel alive and connected to world around me, especially because I cannot see!  I think everyone who needs hearing aids should try them because you are only living life half way to its fullest when you cannot hear!

~Gilbert Milburn, August 22, 2019



My husband and I both have hearing aids that we purchased from McCollum Hearing Center.  I have been a patient for 3 years and my husband just recently bought new aids.  We are both so happy that we no longer have to yell to hear each other and the TV volume has decreased tremendously!  It is so nice to be able to hear our son, whose voice is higher pitched and we struggled to hear him before! We can also understand the preacher at church and we are no longer guessing as to what others are saying when they are talking to us after the service.  I can even sit on the front porch and hear what my neighbor is saying.  It is wonderful to be able to hear again and we are very thankful that we made this investment in our health.  My advice would be to anyone struggling to hear, make the appointment, follow-thru with the test (it's FREE) and proceed with aids because your health is worth the investment!

~Mary Jo and Terry Reed, July 2, 2019


I have been a patient at McCollum Hearing Center for over 5 years and they have been really good to me!  They are always there to help me and I just bought a brand new set of hearing aids at age 100!!  And why do you ask? At my age?  Because it is necessary!!!  I need to be able to hear to function!  Now that I have my new aids, my balance has improved, I don't feel that there is as much risk of me falling (which at my age causes A LOT of problems), and my vertigo is gone (but that may be because of prayer, or maybe a combination)!  To anyone who doesn't want to get hearing aids because they are too old, I would say, that Jesus doesn't want you to be bound to your rocking chair.  He wants you to be able to use your talents and having hearing aids allows you (and me) to be active and communicate with people.  Without my hearing aids, I would not be able to serve in my 3rd job, of telling people about My Lord and I definitely would not know how to pray for people because I wouldn't be able to hear their prayer requests.  Hearing aids are necessary for anyone who wants to be able to interact with those around them!

~Mettie Sheetz, June 25, 2019



I had been experiencing difficulties hearing for at least two years before I made a decision to make an appointment to have my hearing checked.  I went to two providers before I came to McCollum Hearing Center.  I felt that the equipment and sound booth at the other providers were out-of-date.  The sound booth at  McCollum Hearing Center has current equipment that I feel correctly assessed that I did have a hearing loss.  Since purchasing hearing aids, I can now hear my wife without struggling.  I very much enjoy the streaming feature which allows my hearing aids to act like ear buds and stream audiobooks, phone calls and even the TV directly into my ears.  I have not had any difficulties with interference/feedback even when the wind is blowing while I hike the Appalachain Trail.  My overall expereince at McCollum Hearing Center has been very positive.  All of my questions and concerns are always answered and/or addressed.  I would advise anyone with a hearing loss to give hearing aids a 2-week trial.  I saw a difference in that amount of time.  It took me a little bit of time to adjust so giving yourself those 2 weeks can have a positive impact on your ability to hear.  (At McCollum Hearing Center we offer a 45-day trial period for this exact reason)!

~John Barrett, May 16, 2019



I had a wonderful experience at McCollum Hearing Center.  The service at the center was excellent!!  Hearing aids are a big investment and love the fact that McCollum Hearing Center makes follow-up care a priority.  They have made sure that my hearing aids are set correctly and they have made sure that I am getting along well with my new aids.  Any questions or concerns have been answered fully!  I love that I can hear again!  Hearing aids have made a positive impact on my life!  I can hear the birds again and I no longer have to ask people to repeat what they said when we are having a conversation.  The TV volume is even reduced from 40 to about 15.  I realized how much I was missing one morning, after I got my new aids, I was sitting in the kitchen and I heard a beeping sound.  I asked my husband what the noise was and he came in and said well the coffee is done!  I said does it always make that sound?  He said Yes!  I had never heard in all these years!  I am very glad that I purchased these hearing aids and I would advise anyone that is considering it, to not put it off!  Hearing aids make a world of difference in your every day life!

~Christine White, April 23, 2019


M. GearhartI was out at a local gathering and I saw a friend with hearing aids on and asked him where he got his hearing aids.  Seeing that I currently had aids but was not happy with the service I was getting from the hearing healthcare provider, I was curious as to where he got his aids and if he was happy with the center.  My friend had nothing but great things to say about McCollum Hearing Center.  Once I arrived for my appointment, everyone was very friendly and polite.  Linda McCollum was very informative about explaining the hearing test to me.  She went into detail about my hearing and where I needed help.  Prior to getting my hearing aids, I waited YEARS until I was ready to do something about my asking everyone to repeat and generally struggling in conversations.  Now with my new aids from McCollum Hearing Center, I have no issues!  I can hear very well overall in all different situationa and I do not struggle to understand what people are saying.  The pronunciation of words sounds much better as well!  It is definitley a positive change for me and my family!  I can even keep up with and understand my grand-daughter when she speaks quickly!  My advice to others is that, especially with the free test, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!! McCollum Heairng Center deserves an 11 on a scale of 1-10 for their service!

~Mitch Gearhart, April 2, 2019

I am very happy with my husbands new hearing aids.  I no longer have to repeat myself!  It is such a great feeling when you can carry a conversation without repeating everything and he actually understands what I am saying!

~Constance Pennington, April 2, 2019

Happy PatientI had been a prior user of hearing aids before coming to McCollum Hearing Center. But before those 3 years, I had been experiencing issues for nearly 15 years. I had been doing research on major hearing aid brands and that is how I came across Linda and her practice. I also decided on McCollum Hearing Center because of the location was convenient and very easy to get to. My old hearing aids only amplified sounds, there was nothing over the top special about them. Compared to those, my new hearing aids are like night & day. I have options of programs, I can use my cell phone directly thru the aids.  The tech is top notch! When I come to my appointments with Linda she is very good about paying attention to my questions and needs.  She takes the time to help me understand my programs and how the hearing aids work. The entire office at McCollum Hearing Center get a 10 out of 10 from me! With my new hearing aids the problems with conversations at work have dwindled a lot, there is a huge difference. My concentration and focus has increased so much. To anyone hesitant about just getting a hearing test, don’t be. It’s an easy process and the results are truly night & day when you have hearing aids!

~Robert Barrieault, December 21, 2018

Happy Patient


I got a flyer in the mail from McCollum Hearing Center and then I saw their ad on TV, so I thought maybe it was time to check it out. I had never had a hearing test before but after having trouble for 5 years I knew it was time. Linda did the test and from the moment I came into the office, she made me feel comfortable and helped me understand my hearing loss. She was knowledgeable about her products and made me feel confident when I was trying the hearing aids and learning about them. She has made any adjustments I've needed and went out of her way to help me with my hearing needs. The difference is tremendous! Now I can hear the crickets again! Even my daughter has noticed that my hearing has improved! My advice to anyone having hearing problems or if you TV is up all the way...come into McCollum Hearing Center! 

~Gregory Loss, October 16, 2018

Happy Patient

I saw McCollum Hearing Center's television ad one day and could relate to what the man was saying about hearing. After experiencing hearing problems for close to 10 years, in social settings, with family and friends, I knew it was time to do something about it. Getting these hearing aids has been well worth the investment. The end result is that my wife no longer being an interpreter for me.  I am hearing my grand kids which is completely worth it. No one has noticed that I am even wearing hearing aids (they are very discreet). If anyone is apprehensive about getting their hearing tested, my advice is to forge ahead, go see Linda McCollum. When I lost my hearing, I lost it and I knew I had to fix it. How can you put a price on your hearing? Linda is very knowledgeable in her field, can't say enough how satisfied  I am with her and the entire practice.

~Steve Harries, September 14, 2018

I had heard about McCollum Hearing Center on the radio with Lou Scally. But my neighbor is also a patient here and referred me to see them for my Hearing Healthcare needs. I had been experiencing difficulties hearing for a little over a year, especially with the TV and in a big family situations. My kids kept telling me I needed to go get my hearing checked, so I thought why not. Life after getting hearing aids is tremendously different! I've turned the TV down, when with a big group I can hear the conversation all the way down at the other end of the table, my kids have even noticed! I didn't realize how much I was missing before I got my hearing aids. Overall, with the whole experience, I was surprised how easy the entire process was. The hearing test  and fitting of the new aids was even easy!! Once I was able to get used to putting the aids in, it got even easier!  The entire process from start to finish was just easy! Don't wait, get tested if you are having hearing issues, don't put it off, because it is that easy!

~Carole Prusinowski, September 6, 2018

Patient happy at McCollum Hearing CenterI have been a patient at McCollum Hearing Center for years!  They make office visits great!  Linda has provided me a very thorough test and explanation of my results.  She made knowledgeable recommendations that would meet my needs and gave me choices of what would work to fix my hearing.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the service at McCollum Hearing Center.  Linda, Tara and Megan always provide outstanding service!  They do a terrific job during every visit.  They go beyond their call of duty (even on the telephone) to make sure that all of my questions/concerns are addressed and explained.  As for the hearing aids themselves they are very small and discreet.  The new aids are much better in sound quality and the remote control makes them very easy to adjust to any situation I am in.  I showed my new aids to my sister and she was impressed with how small they were and how much better I was hearing with them.  I would recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone that is looking for a hearing care professional.  I would suggest going to a locally owned center like theirs versus a national company because of the personalized service and attention you receive.  For anyone hesitating to buy hearing aids, I would suggest spending the money and giving them a try because they are well worth the investment.  You will hear sounds that you have not heard in a very long time!  I couldn't be happier with my aids and with my experience at this center! 

~Waverly Shockley, August 20, 2018

For the past 10 years, I had been experiencing hearing issues, but more significantly in the last 5 years. It was getting difficult hearing people who would speak too fast or had high pitched voices especially small children when they spoke to me. I even had to have the TV on closed captioning. I knew Linda  was a nice and cheerful person. I also liked the location of McCollum Hearing Center, very convenient for me. After coming to see Linda I knew I made the right choice. Everyone at McCollum Hearing Center is friendly and positive. The service is quick and they always get me in when I need it. My favorite thing was that I had immediate results! After getting my hearing aids, I noticed so many things! I can hear all the small sounds that I missed, especially around the house and the birds outside. My husband no longer complains I can't hear him. I just have a better feeling of well being for myself. I love my hearing aids!! I brag about them and show them to everyone.  They can barely see them which surprises them. My advise about hearing loss and hearing aids- don't wait. When people have a hearing loss they tend to shut off, but with the hearing aids our brain can continue to function and grow. I'm glad I didn't put getting hearing aids off any longer!

~Colleen Stone, July 17, 2018

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by some friends of mine.  They knew that I had been struggling for years with hearing problems.  I always sturrgled to hear in church and I would have to ask people to repeat themselves quite often.  I am very satisfied with the service I received from McCollum Hearing Center.  The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  I was impressed with thr thoroughness of the exam and how well both the test and the results were explained to me.  Since I have been wearing the hearing aids, I no longer stuggle to hear the preacher (even when he leaves the pulpit).  I can have a converstaion with my wife again (even when she is standing behind me).  I would suggest that anyone who knows they have a hearing loss, to get a test and try the hearing aids.  You should address is sooner rather than later.  The older you get the harder it is to adjust to hearing again!

~Fred Reel, June 11, 2018

I had been looking into getting my hearing checked and when I checked with my insurance they recommended McCollum Hearing Center. I had been experiencing issues with my hearing for two years.  Until I had my hearing tested from Linda, I didn't realize just how bad my hearing was. After getting my hearing aids so many things in my life have changed! My ears no longer sound like I'm constantly underwater or like they are clogged. I can hear words more clearly and people don't sound like they are mumbling. I can even hear my own voice better! My husband has told me that I'm not saying "huh" anymore or asking him to repeat himself. The TV volume is even down!! My hearing aids have completely increased my quality of life! Linda McCollum has been great and everything at McCollum Hearing Center has been pleasant! The team is always helpful and knowledgeable.  Linda has helped me with any questions I have had. Truly, you don't understand how much a difference a hearing test or hearing aids will make until you try it!

~Kellie Spradlin, June 8, 2018

I was having trouble with my hearing for about a year and it was just getting progressively worse. I couldn't hear in church or while watching TV.  My own voice would sound like it was underwater. While my daughter and I were at Leitersburg Cinemas watching a movice, we saw an ad for McCollum Hearing Center.  I did a Google search to read the reviews and was happy with all the positive reviews. I have loved my experience with Linda at McCollum Hearing Center! I loved that I left my consultation with hearing aids that day! Since being fitted with my hearing aids, I am experiencing a world of difference! My hearing aids are wonderful! I can hear everything, even the conversation and radio while I am in the back seat of the car! I chose to get my hearing tested because I didn't want to experience isolation like I had seen in others before. People are now talking TO me and not the person with me. When I get up in the morning I put the hearing aids on and I go about my day and forget I even have them on. I love my hearing aids!! They make life easier and sharing things is possible now. I recommend hearing aids and McCollum Hearing Center to anyone experiencing hearing issues. It's your  hearing, can you put a price tag on what you are missing? 

~Lois Will, May 14, 2018

I had been having hearing issues for 7-8 years and I've had hearing aids before. I saw McCollum Hearing Center online and thought I would try it out. In Linda's examination everything was more comprehensive and detailed.  I really liked that she took the time to explain the results to me. Linda has provided me with great service, answers all my questions, she has really given me everything I wished for (in a hearing care provider). My hearing aids have been life changing! I can follow along at church now, talk to my wife with no problem, watch tv, I love the streaming feature I have. My wife is elated, she loves my hearing aids. We can carry on a conversation now. The design on the hearing aids are so much better than in the past, the tech is great, it's just amazing what they have done for me. If you thinking about getting a hearing test, do it-it is worth it!

~Jim Boyles, April 27, 2018

I found McCollum Hearing Center through my insurance and also saw the ad on TV. Since 2010, I had been experiencing hearing issues in multiple places; restaurants, watching TV.   From my left ear I could hear nothing, especially when in the car and my wife was driving. I had been tested before but that was for more medical purposes so when Linda did her test, that was what I was looking for. Linda is great, the pricing is good and I love coming here! Now with my hearing aids, I no longer have to have the TV turned way up, I can be involved in conversations especially in restaurants. My family can tell a big difference. I can't wait to put them on in the mornings.  I can hardly feel the hearing aids when they are on.  Plus, the aids are helping me to keep my brain active and alert, avoiding early onset of Alzheimers  which was also a concern of mine.  I feel like Linda really helped me with that with fitting me with my hearing aids. If you are apprehensive about the hearing test, don't be, run to get it done. It's worth it. 

~Gary Miller, April 27, 2018

I had been experiencing hearing issues for probably 10-15 years, but the past 5 have been more noticeable and hard. With my job, I am constantly talking to people and I caught myself reading their lips, that’s when I knew it was time to get my hearing checked.  I found McCollum Hearing Center through an online search for hearing aids. I had hearing tests before but they were very basic, the one that Linda performed was much more thorough. Linda is very good at her job! She answers all of my questions and is very good at explaining what is going in all aspects of my hearing. I’m very impressed with the office staff as well. I give all of them at McCollum Hearing Center a 10+! With my hearing aids, I can hear my wife and I can hear better at work! I am picking up on things I clearly was missing before. The technology is amazing! I am so impressed with the wonder of being able to hear again! My advise is to put your fears aside and go in and get a hearing test. If you feel you have a hearing problem, get it checked. You don’t realize how much you have lost until you do.

~ Jerry, February 20, 2018

Greg DrabnisI had been referred to McCollum Hearing Center through an online service. I had been experiencing hearing issues for many years after having worked around loud equipment fro so long. Everything done at McCollum Hearing Center has been great! They are helpful, professional, caring and very informative. My experience with Linda and the hearing aids has been great! The equipment is excellent, it’s comfortable and hardly visible. My energy level and productivity have gone up, while my frustration level has gone way down, the hearing aids are wife approved! My grandkids are seeking me out more, to come to games, to participate with them, I’m able to be more attentive to them. If anyone is hesitant about getting tested or trying hearing aids, don’t be! Go for it, 100%, do not delay! You don’t know what you are missing.

~ Greg Drabnis, February 2, 2018

Nicole SerraI have had hearing aids before for about 7 years and while I was in the doctors office I noticed the sign for McCollum Hearing Center. I thought, how convenient, it’s near my doctor, the bank and the grocery store. I popped in and they were able to make me an appointment to see Linda later that same day! When Linda did my test it was much different to any I had before, very thorough and much easier to understand. Working with McCollum Hearing Center has been great, very delightful. I like the environment, everyone is  pleasant! Linda answers all of my questions. I love my hearing aids! There are so many options with them that I never had before. I was at a restaurant with friends and it was so noisy, but I was able to switch on my restaurant program and I could hear my companions so well! I don’t have to ask anyone to repeat anymore, it’s wonderful! Admitting you have a hearing loss can be tough, but by getting tested and getting hearing aids, what you gain is so key to your life. Don’t think of it as a stigma, consider a huge gift to yourself.

~ Nicole Serra, January 24, 2018

I have had hearing aids for over 20 years & I’ve been to multiple places around town. I found McCollum Hearing Center when I was online just looking for different types of hearing aids. I chose Linda because I felt she was most experienced in the type of loss I have. Her testing is very thorough, she answers all my questions and is quick to solve any issues I have or make adjustments I need. Now that I have the CROS hearing aid in my dead ear, I’m able to be a part of the whole conversation. I don’t have to miss out what’s being said on my left side and I don’t have to tell my wife that I can’t hear her when she isn’t right next to me. I would definitely recommend making an appointment at McCollum Hearing Center. Linda makes the process very easy and she really knows that she is doing.

~ Robert, January 15, 2018

I came to a luncheon that McCollum Hearing Center hosted on the suggestion of my daughter & wife. I thought I could get some information and see if my questions about hearing aids could be answered. I had been having trouble with my hearing for a long time, in restaurants, and at work. If I was at a lunch table with co-workers and I would just sit back and not participate in the conversation because I couldn’t follow along. Working with Linda has been a great experience, she’s answered my questions and helped me get used to the hearing aids. At first, it was an uncomfortable adjustment,I didn’t want to put them in. But then Linda showed me little tricks to help get them in my ear far enough, made adjustments to help in everyday life.  Now I look forward to putting them in every morning! My wife can even see a difference, I can even have my back facing her and have a conversation, where as before that wasn’t possible at all. To anyone who is apprehensive about this process- don’t be, do it. Get a hearing test, try the hearing aids out, see how it all works.

~ Bruce Wilson, January 10, 2018

I was disappointed in my previous hearing aid provider and was looking for a new provider. I was very pleased with the time McCollum Hearing Center took with me each time I visited. Their concern was for my complete satisfaction. I must thank them very much for making my experience so positive. I can’t recommend them enough. Let them take care of you too.

~ William Agee, November 2, 2017

I’ve been working with Linda for over 10 years. She’s always willing to help with any hearing needs that I have. She is always concerned that I am understanding everything about my hearing and hearing aids. When I put on my hearing aids for the first time I was shocked by all the small sounds I was missing, like the door bell. I like being aware and hearing all the small sounds around me. I like not having to ask questions or have people repeat themselves. My hearing aids bring me clarity.  I would recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for a hearing healthcare provider!

~ Ruth Bloom, October 30, 2017

I had been doing my research about hearing aids and hearing centers when I received an invite to a Better Hearing Luncheon from McCollum Hearing Center.  I had been experiencing problems for over a year but my husband was also having health issues and I didn’t make my own health the priority while I was taking care of him.  It came to a point when I couldn’t even understand my own family doctor.  My family encourgaed me to attend the luncheon and take the steps to better hearing.  I knew I wanted to be able to hear and understand what people were saying so I decided to attend the Luncheon to learn more about hearing loss/aids.  After the lunch, I made an appointment to have my hearing tested by Linda.  She was very freindly and helpful.  She explained the test results thoroughly and gave me a few recommended solutions for me to choose from.  She helped me during follow-up appointments to make sure that my hearing aids are working the best they can for me!  These hearing aids have had a very positive impact on my life.  I can participate in group conversations again.  I can converse with friends because I know what the topic of conversation is now.  Even at church, I don’t miss a word that the pastor is saying.  My family can even tell when I forget to put the hearing aids on because I start asking them to repeat again and they tell me to put my hearing aids in!  I would tell anyone that is worried about the hearing test or the hearing aids to at least try it and then you will know if it’s for you.  Most likely, you will try the hearing aids and be really glad you made that decision because you can enjoy conversations again!

~ Evelyn Keller, September 20, 2017

I had been tested before by an ENT a long time ago but then I came to McCollum Hearing Center and haven't left yet, that was 4 years ago. I've just gotten my second set of hearing aids through Linda. I keep coming back to because Linda does a wonderful job. She explains everything, is very thorough, makes sure I understand it all! The whole office staff is very friendly. My wife likes the accessories I use, they help with volume control which won't affect her. Just being at home is easier, there's no more yelling or repeating. I highly recommend getting your hearing tested by Linda, I'm always well satisfied when I leave McCollum Hearing Center.

~ Harold Kirkpatrick, August 25, 2017

I found McCollum Hearing Center on a very high recommendation from a friend and current patient of Linda's. I had experienced hearing problems most of my life. They started at a young age, especially in my left ear, I had many infections and drainage. I had a test done years ago but it was not a good experience and I didn't help me so I postponed doing anything to help my hearing. But this experience with Linda has been great! She makes me feel comfortable and helps with any questions I have. My hearing aids have changed my life in every way I can think of. I can participate in groups and I no longer have to pretend I can hear what people are saying! The TV volume is down and even in restaurants and church I can see a HUGE difference. I've started noticing little sounds I never heard before, like the washer and dryer. I no longer have to have my husband repeat himself. For anyone not sure about what to do, I recommend it, without a doubt, don't hesitate, you will be very pleased and happy!

~ Joann Mentzer August 15, 2017

I came to McCollum Hearing Center through the referral of a friend. This has been my first experience with a hearing test and trying hearing aids, even though I had been having trouble hearing for a while. I couldn't hear when I was in church, with a group of people or even from one end of the table down to the other. Linda made the whole experience and process very easy for me. She always answered my questions and is very helpful. I purchased the rechargeable hearing aids and they are great! They are easy to use, I put them on the charger at night and putting them on has become part of my morning routine. My hearing aids have made a big difference, everything is just better. I can hear at meetings, at church and all sides of the table! My whole experience at McCollum Hearing Center has been wonderful!

~ Sallie Morrison, August 8, 2017

I came to McCollum Hearing Center through a recommendation of a current patient. I had also seen multiple advertisements. I had tests before, but within the last 8 years my hearing had become much worse and it was really starting to effect my job. When I had been tested before they sent me to different hearing providers and to a seminar. When I went to these other hearing healthcare provider, all I heard were negative things. The negativity ended up turning me off hearing aids and office visits. I had even tried online hearing aids at one time. Which was also a mistake! I finally came to McCollum Hearing Center and got retested. Linda not only took her time testing me, she was conscious about my budget and lifestyle. I give McCollum Hearing Center a 10 out of 10, I would recommend them to anyone! If I hear anyone talking about hearing or hearing aids I jump in to tell them of my experience and recommend Linda. With my hearing aids my life has gotten so much easier. Before hearing aids my hearing loss was really taking a toll on my job, now with my hearing aids I'm no longer missing important information or instructions, people no longer avoid me. At home I can hear my grand kids, talk to people in stores, my doctor visits go smoothly! If anyone is apprehensive about getting their hearing tested or getting hearing aids, don't be with Linda McCollum. She is budget conscious, makes you feel comfortable, answers your questions, helps you with any adjustments until you are set up just right, and the whole office staff is very friendly!

~ Ruby Davis, August 1, 2017

I never had my hearing tested before but had told my family doctor, Dr. Ditto, that I was having issues. He recommended that I come to see Linda here at McCollum Hearing Center. I had been having hearing issues for about three years. My husband would make comments that he had to repeat himself and that I was saying "huh" and "what" a lot. The TV was always up so loud and my kids would make comments when they would come over. I had the worst time hearing on the phone and when I was out in groups. Linda has helped me so much, I have had a terrific experience at McCollum Hearing Center. She is very helpful, answers all my questions and makes any adjustments I need. With my hearing aids I can hear the priest in church again, the TV volume down. When I'm out with friends I can participate in the conversation, no more nodding along! For anyone having hearing issues, I highly recommend a hearing test. I know people are hesitant because of how hearing aids looked ages ago, but now you can't even see them and they are so easy to take in & out! My hearing aids have made a world of difference!

~ Margaret Gouff, June 15, 2017

I've known Linda previously to any hearing business, so my choice in providers was easy. I had been having hearing problems for at least 5 years. Conversations weren't much of an issue, the problem was being on the phone. I was having a lot of troubles when someone would call and they were using speaker phone. I work in an office setting where I'm on the phone constantly. I haven't had a test in 20 years so I felt with the problems occurring it was time. McCollum Hearing Center is great! I give them a 10! Linda answered all my questions and helped me with any concerns I had. My life has gotten easier with the hearing aids. I'm not asking questions anymore, which has made my work life much easier. People have commented that I'm not talking as loud as I once was. My advice for those who just got hearing aids, wear them all the time let your mind get used to them. My advice for those questioning if they have a problem, just get the hearing test. If your questioning yourself, you probably have a problem. It's painless & easy!

~ Mike Flurie, May 22, 2017

I had heard Linda McCollum on the radio with Lou Scally a few times. I waited a few a weeks, but finally let my wife call to make me an appointment. The information Linda would discuss on-air with Lou Scally really started to sink in, especially the information about dementia and how it was connected to my hearing. I had been experiencing hearing issues for 20 years, even more so in the past five years. I had a general hearing test once before, but never made an appointment to get a more in depth test done. Overall, I give a Linda a 10+, she is very good. She answered all my questions and has been very informative. I was amazed how she put all that information on the computer and then into the hearing aids. Then once the hearing aids were on, my hearing came back! I was truly amazed! The hearing aids have even exceeded my expectations. I can hear so much now, the whole message in church, in crowds, my grandchildren. I'm not asking anyone to repeat, I'm able to enjoy my music again. I have recommended hearing aids to multiple friends. It really is bringing a part of your life back to life again.

Mrs. Higman: There is 100% difference! I'm not repeating or yelling. We can have a conversation in a normal voice. Our friends couldn't believe he had them on because they couldn't even see them! Linda is so good!

~ Robert Higman, May 9, 2017

I had found McCollum Hearing Centeronline and decided to come here because of location, I only live a half mile away. I have been experiencing hearing issues for years. Being with large groups, in busy places and just regular conversations were a struggle. I had a test 8 years ago, tried hearing aids out for a weekend but didn't like them so I let it go. Since then my hearing has only gotten worse. I knew I had to do something about my heairng loss after I was out to eat with a big group of people. I sat at the end of the table and I could not hear anything being said. I just kept nodding along but really had no clue what was going on. Coming to McCollum Hearing Center has been great! The staff is great and service is excellent. It's a homey-welcoming atmosphere. Linda never put any pressure on me to buy hearing aids. She didn't push for me to get top of the line, just whatever (hearing solution) I was comfortable with. Thankfully, my personal willingness has changed since 8 years ago because the hearing aids have changed my life drastically. It is unbelievable what I can hear now. I can hear the crickets again, paper moving, the sounds in my is amazing! The day I came home my wife she asked when I was getting them, I had already had them on! They are so small she couldn't even tell! For anyone unsure of getting tested my advice is, don't wait. It is well worth it, my hearing aids were life changing.

~ Randy Wagner, April 24, 2017

I came to McCollum Hearing Center because I have seen their commerical on TV & also the signs out front of the Sylvania Center. It's actually close to my house so that's also a plus. I had been experiencing hearing issues for at least 5 yrs, maybe more. I wasn't just having one issue, it was everything around me. Coming to Linda McCollum for my hearing needs has been wonderful. The whole experience was easy, I was totally comfortable with the whole process. The hearing aids have made every aspect of my life easier. I work part time for an engineering company, so I work in the office & outdoors. Linda gave me a program specifically for the outdoors that works great! Not only have the hearing aids made my life easier but also those around me. No one is screaming at me anymore, the frustration level for everyone has decreased a lot. I can say that I am totally satisfied with my hearing aids and my experience with Linda. I was hesitant about wearing them because I didn't want people to see them but now I don't even think about it. I would tell anyone unsure of trying or getting hearing aids, don't be. The testing is easy, actually fascinating, there is nothing to it!

~ Robert Hill, April 7, 2017

We came across McCollum Hearing Centerthrough the website, which we thought was very easy to use and helpful.

Catherine: For me, I had been experiencing hearing loss for a good while. My left ear was the worst so I would have to always turn my head to the right to hear what people were saying.I had gone to a different facility and gotten my hearing tested. They did tell me I needed hearing aids, mostly in my left. When Linda checked my hearing she told me a hearing aid wouldn't help in the left ear, I would need a device that would transfer the sounds from the left ear to the right. I hadn't realized what I was missing. Where we live there is a train that goes by and I could not hear it for the longest time. With my hearing aids I can hear the train again, everyday sounds are back.

Casimir: Mine was more recent, Ididn't really think I had a loss until Linda tested me. This was my first hearing test. I only wear 1 hearing aid bc my loss is low, but it helps me. The hearing aid sharpens everything that I hear. I really think getting the hearing aids now helped my hearing loss before it could get worse.

Both: Our overall experience with McCollum Hearing Center was great! Linda always works with us on adjusting our hearing aids, fixing any issue we have, answering our questions. They worked really hard to get our insurance taken care of and processed.Our kids have commented that they noticed our TV isn't up so loud when they walk in the house. Being in group conversations is easier. We would definitely encourage people to get a hearing test, at least do that part, you never know what you could be missing.

~ Catherine & Casimir Sobus, March 30, 2017

I have had trouble hearing since I was 8 years old. I wore hearing aids until the age of 12. Now at the age of 26, these are my 1st pair as an adult. I decided to come to McCollum Hearing Center after browsing online reviews. My experience with them has been very easy!! Linda has answered all of my questions and made the process very easy. I have found her consultations to be very helpful in adjusting to the hearing aids. On a scale of 1-10 I would give McCollum Hearing Center a 12! The amount that I can hear now is so much better, I can even hear someone talking to me in another room. Everyone has noticed a difference!!!I would encourage people of all ages to get their hearing checked if they are having trouble. The technology today is so advanced, it makes adjusting process smoother than before. If the opportunity is there, why not give it a chance?! Hearing aids have definitely changed my life for the better.

~ Jared Freeman, March 27, 2017

I decided to come to McCollum Hearing Center after I heard about them on WJEJ radio. I knew I needed to pursue hearing aid but also knew that if I made an appointment I wouldn't keep it. But I decided to give it a go and I was seen that day! I really liked that I didn't have to wait for an appointment. I had been experiencing problems for a couple years, mostly when people weren't talking very loud. If I didn't understand them I just didn't mention it (and would be missing out on the conversation). Now, with my hearing aids, I can hear so much better! I can hear really well in crowds and when people are talking in conversation. I can hear most everything! My overall experience with McCollum Hearing Center has been great. They are very friendly & helpful. When I have any questions they are able to answer them and help with any problems. I would certainly recommend getting a test, it was very helpful to me.

~ Shirley Shifler, February 21, 2017

I was referred to McCollum Heairng Center by my insurance company as well as family friends of ours. I had problems with hearing for several years. My husband finally purchased hearing aids and after that I decided I needed to look into aids as well because I could not longer hear the TV (the volume was so low). I am so happy that I made this decision because it has been wonderful having hearing aids. Linda McCollum is a super kind, very easy to talk to and just a lovely lady! The hearing aids have impacted my entire life. I am able to hear my great grand children again. I can hear lots of noises that I forgot about, like the leaves, wind, planes. You really dont realize what you are missing until you wear hearing aids. I had forgotten about all those wonderful soft sounds. Now with my hearing aids in, I am able to enjoy life again. My husband and I are able to conversate better too! I don't even know that I have the hearing aids on anymore! They are great! I would recommend that everyone with hearing issues take the step to get your hearing fixed!

~ Donna Trovinger, November 15, 2016

I heard Linda McCollum on WJEJ with Lou Scally and was intrigued to check out McCollum Hearing Center. I first noticed I had a hard time hearing when I had to keep turning up the TV, that was about 20 years ago! I tried hearing aids back then but I was not happy with them and so I just stopped wearing them. I was unhappy with the hearing aids as well as the service I was receiving. The exam and consult back them was not very thorough. I was given hearing aids and never seen again. Today, at McCollum Hearing Center, I am very impressed with the follow-up appointments and how well the staff pays attention to my needs. Everyone is very warm and friendly. Linda is very kind and pays great attention to my concerns. I am noticing improvements on a daily basis with my hearing aids. I can hear my great-grand-son now where before I used to have to guess at what he was saying or ask him to repeat himself. Now we are able to have conversations and I just being able to be a part of his world! I am enjoying being able to easily hold conversations with people even in restaurants. I would advise anyone who suspects that they have a problem with their hearing to have it checked out! It doesn't hurt to have it checked out and look into your options. I believe it has been a positive decision that I have made to get my hearing aids!

~ Frances Harshman, November 15, 2016

I was recommended to go to McCollum Hearing Center for my hearing health care by a loved one. I have had hearing problems for about 10 years and the issue was gradually getting worse. I have known Linda McCollum for several years and I knew that she would take great care of me! Linda was extremely thorough and professional during my examination and consultation. She helped me through the adjustment period with a few office visits. She went out of her way to help me in any way that she could to make the transition to hearing aids easier for me. The office personnel are very professional, nice and friendly. They have treated me great and offered great care. Hearing aids have impacted my life in a positive way! I can now participate in conversations without asking people to repeat themselves, without asking them to speak louder and the TV has been turned down to a normal listening level, which makes my wife happy. My advice to people who are having problems hearing would be to not put it off any longer. It is a hard decision to make to wear the hearing aids but it is a positive one. Your hearing will get worse. One of the reasons, I was apprehensive was because I had Tinnitus and I was afraid that the aids would amplify the ringing in my ears but the aids did not amplify the ringing at all. In fact, there are special features on the aids that can help your brain to not focus on the ringing. The hearing aids have helped me considerably!

~ Herb Bowman, November 7, 2016

McCollum Hearing Center was recommended to me by my sister-in-law as well as a friend. Both were very satisfied with the level of care and service they were receiving from Linda McCollum and the office personnel at McCollum Hearing Center. I was experiencing hearing problems for several years. My wife became upset that I wasn't able to hear what she was saying and we would argue. Ultimately though the deciding factor to address my hearing was because my Tinnitus (ringing of the ears) became so bad that it was hard to bear. My sister-in-law had a similar issue and mentioned to me that her hearing aids helped reduce the issues associated with the Tinnitus. I had my hearing tested several years ago at a different facility in Hagerstown, MD. That facility was unprofessional and I didn't feel comfortable with their testing methods (I wore head phones during my exam in the office but was not in any sound proof environment at all). On the contrary, at McCollum Hearing Center, I felt that their testing equipment was great! I was placed in a sound proof booth to have my hearing tested. After the test, Linda took her time to explain the test my hearing loss and options to improvemy hearing, thoroughly to me. After I decided to take the steps to improve my hearing I realized that hearing aids are life changing! I am able to hear things I haven't heard in years, my Tinnitus has improved and I can not only hear my wife, but also others in social situations. I love that I can use my iphone to change the settings of my hearing aids so that I can be engaged in the conversation at restaurants! I would recommend that everyone have their hearing tested in order to find out if there is a hearing loss or not and then to definitely pursue hearing aids so that you can start interacting with people again!

~ Gary Washburn, August 16, 2016

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by a 3rd party company that offered me a discount thru my Insurance policy (if you are unsure if your Insurance company offers a 3rd party discount on hearing aids, give them a call and they can check to see what discount/coverage you may have). I had been experiencing hearing problems for nearly 1- years and waited 5 years between my first hearing test and this consultation with Linda McCollum. I was impressed that at McCollum Hearing Center I didn’t have to make a second appointment for a hearing aid demo after my hearing test (like at the previous providers office). Linda simply tested my hearing and allowed me to try hearing aids immediately. I was impressed that I didn’t have to come back, I could start the process immediately! My experience has been exceptional with McCollum Hearing. Linda took the time to answer all of my questions, she was extremely knowledgeable about the products she offered and was not pushy at all. The staff was very friendly and I was impressed that they know me by name as soon as I walk in the door at each visit. Hearing aids have impacted my life because now I can hear the birds singing and wind blowing in the trees again! My children are very thankful that I took step to pursue hearing aids as well! I would advise anyone that is sitting on the fence, debating, to not wait any longer for your hearing aids because you really are missing so much by having a hearing loss!

~ Dixie Norman, July 14, 2016

I was recommended to come to McCollum Hearing Center from 2 different people. Their recommendation made me feel secure and less anxious that I was choosing a great place for my hearing health care. I have had a very positiveexperience with this center and the consultation and demonstration was very well communicated and thorough. The biggest change that I have noticed, since wearing hearing aids, is that I am able to hear my grandkids now. Before my daughters would have to relay to me what the children were saying because they could tell by my expressions that I was not hearing the children. But now, I can hear their little voices and understand what they are saying to me. It is also a relief to me to be able to be in a group setting, like when I have tea with my friends, and be able to understand what they talking about. I would recommend others to try McCollum Hearing Center for hearing aids because the aids have really helped improve my quality of life. The hearing aids are very discreet and simple to use. I think it is important that you do things for yourself (i.e. buy the hearing aids), as well as others. And hearing helps keep you engaged with everything and everyone around you.

~ Shirley Phillips, June 9, 2016

My experience with McCollum Hearing Center has been excellent. Years ago I attended an Open House at a competitor in town and was turned off to the whole process because the provider was a very high-pressure, salesman. But with McCollum Hearing Center I received a attentive care that was focused on my needs. The center is a very nice place with pleasant team members. The consultation was extremely thorough and Linda was very helpful in explaining the hearing test to me. With the use of my new digital hearing aids I can hear in all situations. My hearing has not been restored 100%, but that is impossible. But I can hear the creatures outside again! Linda was able to give me different programs for different situations and now, even with background noise I can hear the clock ticking and the birds chirping. I am so impressed with the digital technology because there is such a difference from the analog aids I had that amplified everything. The quality of sound is excellent and I love that I can use my smart phone to control my hearing aids! I would recommended McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for help with their hearing.

~ Earl Moyer, April 5, 2016

I was recommended to come to McCollum Hearing Center for my hearing healthcare from Mr. and Mrs. Rudy. They were both highly satisfied with the care and service they received from Linda McCollum. I had been seeing a different provider for hearing healthcare but was not happy with the way things were done. McCollum Hearing Center is a modern, friendly place where the staff is extremely nice and always willing to help right away! My hearing evaluation was more professional at McCollum Hearing Center. I was placed in a sound-proof booth to take the hearing test. At the previous provider, I was in a room with the door shut but the test could not have been very accurate because I could hear outside noises that were distracting to me. Being aretired nurse, it was very important to me that their equipment and technology was up to date so that my test results were accurate. I was impressed with the equipment that Linda was using to test and fit me with my hearing aids. To all those that are apprehensive about pursuing hearing aids, I would advise them that the benefits far outweigh the anxieties. I would also tell them that wearing hearing aids is a rehabilitative process that does not happen overnight. One must wear the hearing aids until your brain and body adjust to hearing again. Eventually, hearing will seem more natural again, but there is a process that has to happen in order for you to adjust to the hearing aids. I would highly recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone seeking a hearing health provider.

~ Barbara Inman, March 8, 2016

I have been a patient with Linda McCollum since 2011. I am currently wearing my second set of hearing aids that I bought from her. I am extremely thankful for everything Linda McCollum was able to do for me. Recently, I was given medication in the hospital that caused a huge drop in my hearing, to the point where I had little to no hearing left in one ear. Upon leaving the hospital I went directly to McCollum Hearing Center, where the staff was able to help me right away. Linda best over backwards to help me and has always treated me great! Linda showed me a new technology in a hearing aid that would transfer sounds from my bad ear to my good ear! The difference in unreal! I cannot even tell that I have lost hearing in one ear! This device is amazing and has made a huge difference for me. The sound quality is great, and the background noise is reduced so that it doesn’t affect my concentration on a conversation. To those people that are hesitating on moving forward with a hearing test or hearing aids, I would suggest getting your hearing checked right away! It is unbelievable how much better you can hear and understand once you are wearing the aids! I recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone in need of a hearing healthcare provider!

~ Leon Kline, March 8, 2016

I came to McCollum Hearing Center because my mother-in-law was a happy patient of Linda’s for a few years. The center is very efficient and welcoming. I have known for about 10 years that I had a hearing loss, but I didn’t do anything about it until now. I would suggest that anyone suspecting they have loss to get tested and to pursue the hearing aids because the aids make a huge difference in my abilities to follow conversation and stay connected with friends and family. I can even hear the birds again! I definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center!

~ Ray Grimm March 8, 2016

I finally made the decision to come to McCollum Hearing Center because my wife was constantly having to repeat herself and it was taking a toll on my family. When I visited the center for my first appointment, I noticed right away that the center was very well organized. The office staff was very concerned, very helpful and very friendly. This was my first hearing test and it was a very easy experience. Linda was able to explain my hearing loss and solutions to my hearing loss in a way that made in easy for my wife and I to understand. Once I got the hearing aids, I began to notice the little sounds that I had been missing. I could once again watch TV and understand what was going on. I could hear the pastor at church again. The hearing aids are easy to use, hard to notice and do not have static like I have heard my friends complain of in the past. If you are contemplating getting a hearing test or hearing aids, my advice is to Do it because you will be surprised at the amount of things you have been missing! I would recommend McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family members because they are concerned with making sure they provide you with great customer service. I was having an issue with my earmolds for the hearing aids, and they made sure to get the problem solved quickly for me so that I could enjoy hearing again with my hearing aids.

~ Charles Hollinshead, December 3, 2015

I chose McCollum Hearing Center because as I was doing my research about hearing centers I found that they had excellent patient testimonials about their outstanding level of customer service. In addition to being a very clean, professional and friendly environment, the center is focused on meeting the needs of the patients. Linda McCollum took the time to assess my needs by not only reading my audiogram but by talking with me and getting to know my lifestyle and budgetary needs as well. Linda was very relational through the entire process. She was dedicated to helping me correct my hearing problem and not focused on making a sale. She has a great disposition and you can tell that she really cares about her patients. I knew that she was willing to help me in any way she could by the way she listened and responded to what I was saying. I would highly recommend this center to anyone looking for a hearing healthcare provider! I would also say that the money I spent on hearing aids was money well spent because they have been a game changer for me! I can hear again at work on phone where I had struggled for many years. Many people are reluctant to wear hearing aids because they don't want anyone to notice the device on their ear. But what they don't realize is that their hearing loss is far more noticeable than the hearing aid!

~ Sanford Yoder, November, 19, 2015

I have been a patient at McCollum Hearing Center for 3.5 years. I am now using the CrosII by Phonak to help with my single-sided deafness. With this aid I have the impression that I am hearing from both sides of my head even though I know that I am not. The Cros is transferring sounds from my bad ear to the hearing aid in my better ear so that I can hear sounds from both sides. This product has made a positive change in my life because I am able to hear the TV now, hear better on the phone than before and my habit of asking people to repeat has dwindled! I have seen improvements all the way around! My family even mentions that I am much more involved and engaged in conversations rather than just nodding along. I would say this is a great product to look into if you are experiencing difficulties with a bad ear. It has certainly made my life easier!

~ Mr. Richard Troxell, September 3, 2015

I was driven to find a new hearing healthcare provider becauseI was unhappy with my previous provider. I saw the ad on TV for McCollum Hearing Center and was anxious to try the center. I was delighted to find that McCollum Hearing Center was conveniently located in Hagerstown, had very caringstaff and wonderful service. The team there was very helpful and personable. The wait time for my appointments was never long and I never felt rushed. During the consultation, Linda was very informative about my hearing loss but there was no pressure to purchase hearing aids. I knew that I definitely needed new aids. I was shocked that I was able to take the new hearing aids home with me the same day that I had the hearing test and consultation. There was no wait time to order them; I walked out with them that day! The entire process was a terrific experience and I am already recommending McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family members. I would advise anyone that is anxious about pursuing a hearing test or hearing aids to "Just get over it! You will be completely surprised at what you have been missing! You will be shocked at all the sounds you were not hearing".

~ Tonya Youngblood, August 4, 2015

I found the testimonials on the website of McCollum Hearing Center to be very influential in choosing a Hearing Healthcare Provider. When I arrived at the center, I found everyone on the staff to be very friendly, helpful and willing to listen. I have found that working with Linda McCollum has been very easy. She is very attentive and has listened to my needs. As a patient, I have been able to easily get appointments that are convenient for me. I have been showing off my new hearing aids to my loved ones and would not hesitate to recommend McCollum Hearing Center. To any one that is indecisive on whether to get a hearing test or not, I would offer the advice that it does not hurt to get a hearing test to at least know where you stand with hearing loss. Hearing loss has a strong connection to other areas of your health and it wise to know where you are stand and the effects the loss may have on your overall well-being.

~ Catherine Azzone, June 6, 2015

I knew that my hearing had diminished for quite sometime but I put off having a hearing test because I had no idea how much they would enhance my quality of life. When I finally decided to do something about my hearing loss I was glad I chose McCollum Hearing Center. Linda McCollum is very professional and very nice. She was not the least bit pushy and she was able to find a solution that met my needs. I had a great feeling about the place when I walked in because the office was nice and new. The technology and equipment at McCollum Hearing center is cutting edge. To all my loved ones I would recommend McCollum Hearing Center for their hearing health. I would also advise them to pursue having a hearing test and hearing aids (if needed) because they are very unobtrusive. The new technology is great! The aids are small, hardly visible and don't squeal. I do not think that people realize how much of a difference the hearing aids can make. I am no longer missing parts of conversations or feeling out of the loop. I had no idea that the technology in the hearing aids would be so beneficial to me.

~ Edward Bittinger, May 5, 2015

A friend referred me to McCollum Hearing Center and I have been very impressed with the level of service and attention to detail. Linda McCollum dedicates her time to making sure each patient is thoroughly tested and all of their needs have been addressed. Linda performed more tests on me then in my previous testing experiences. I was impressed that she was even able to run a test on the hearing aids to validate that they are working and helping me to hear and understand speech again. I was amazed at how much time Linda took to have follow-up appointments with me where she was able make adjustments to the programming of my hearing aids. I have not been able to hear birds chirping for over 25 years and now I can hear them! I feel like part of the family again because I am able to converse with them at family gatherings. My family has also commented that they can see a difference in my ability to hear and understand. I would encourage anyone who is apprehensive to wear hearing aids to consider how much your quality of life will improve when you are able to hear again. These hearing aids have helped me break the isolation that I felt and have allowed me to be part of group gatherings again. I will certainly recommend McCollum Heairng Center to anyone who is looking for a healthcare provider.

~ Harry Yost, April 21, 2015

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by a friend that I highly respect. I wanted a hearing healthcare provider that I could be upfornt and personal with. I felt that comfort with Linda McCollum at each of my appointments. Being a retired nurse, I am choosy about my healthcare providers but couldn't be more pleased with the service that I am experiencing at McCollum Hearing Center. Linda has listened to my needs, especially concerning my budget for hearing aids. Before I had my hearing aids, I was missing conversations with my grandchildren, missing parts of the sermons at church, and was pretending to understand my friends at Book Club. Now, I don't miss conversations anymore! If someone is deliberating on whether or not to make the call to McCollum Hearing Center, I would recommend to them to move forward so you can improve your life as well. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to McCollum Hearing Center.

~ Marina Ridenour, April 9, 2015

I have been a patient of Linda McCollum's for over 5 years now. She has always taken great care of me and my hearing aids. She has always provided great customer service and her center is very professional. I never realized how bad my hearing loss was until I had my hearing tested and tried the hearing aids. It was like night and day between when I had the hearing aids in and when I took them out. I could not get over the difference the hearing aids made. I would rate the center very highly because they have always taken great care of me! A few years ago my dog actually chewed up my hearing aid and they helped me get the aid replaced in a very timely and easy manner. I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family!

~ Merle Pine, December 23, 2014

My wife use to work across the hall in a physician's office and she chose for me to come here from all the good things she was hearing about McCollum Hearing Center. My first impression was very well. Everyone was friendly and helpful. If I had come to McCollum Hearing Center years ago, I would have bought hearing aids rather than wait. I would say to those who was apprehensive that they have no idea what they are missing. I didn't realize how bad my loss was until now. My previous experiences couldn't compare because McCollum Hearing Center was very helpful in trying to get hearing aids to meet your expectations. I would absolutely without doubt recommend McCollum Hearing Center to my family and friends. When rating my overall experience, I believe that 10 is not even high enough to express how satisfied I am. McCollum Hearing Center goes above and beyond in meeting the needs for each individual person as well as being some of the most helpful people that I have met.

~ Kirk Warner, May 28th, 2014

My primary care doctor was located in the Sylvania Center so it was very convenient for me to visit McCollum Hearing Center (which is located in the same building). I was very impressed with the center and very pleased with the service. I believe it is a great idea to have your hearing checked because it can make a big change to your life! I am hearing my wife again, voices down the street and even the birds! The experience I had was a great one and I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family.

~ R. Stotlemyer, May 13, 2014

I chose to come to McCollum Hearing Center because one of my family members is a current patient. My first impressions of the business was professional, positive and knowledgeable. Before I decided to come to McCollum Hearing Center, I was under treatment with a different facility. I felt that experience was a "quick sale," I wasn't being advised which lead to not being in control. With McCollum Hearing Center, I felt support, advisement and I maintained control. I would definitely recommend friends and family to McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for a hearing healthcare provider. I actually already gave recommendations. I would rate McCollum Hearing Center a 10 because they are responsive, have a professional appeal, deliver support after the sale and had the technology that I wanted. To those who are apprehensive, don't be fearful. It is painless and it transforms your life. You will hear things that you haven't heard in a long time.

~ Michael Corbett, May 7, 2014

I chose to come to McCollum Hearing Center after I saw, on their website, that they were a Siemens Hearing Aid dealer. My first impressions of the business is that the atmosphere was very welcoming and the office was well maintained. The experience I had with the professionals at McCollum Hearing Center were very positive. They listened to my concerns and fit with me with the hearing aid that best met my lifestyle needs. I would absolutely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for a hearing healthcare provider. To those that are apprehensive about seeking help for their hearing I would suggest that they absolutely investigate help for their hearing because it will change their life for the better.

~ Matt Geeza, April 14, 2014

My wife called McCollum Hearing Center and talked to Linda extensively about their services. She made an appointment for me to come here. I was very pleased with the way McCollum Hearing Center treated me. The test and consultation was excellent and thorough. I would definitely recommend anyone of my family or friends to come here for their hearing needs. For anyone who is apprehensive to pursue hearing aids, don't be. I would rate McCollum Hearing Center a "10" for the experience and service.

~ Allan Windle, February 18, 2014

I came to McCollum Hearing Center in January 2013 because I saw their advertisement for an open house. Also, I have had friends that recommended me to come to McCollum Hearing Center. Since I have had my hearing aid for one year now, I have relaized that I would not go without them now. Even if I had to drop down in level of technology, I would still get them.

I wear my hearing aids every day and I realize how much I was missing before I got them. The hearing aids perform as well as McCollum Hearing Center said they would. I would not go anywhere else. I would always come back to McCollum Hearing Center because I am very comfortable here.

~ Donald Gall, January 12, 2014

I felt very comfortable at McCollumHearing Center because the staff was very friendly and they had a great atmosphere in the office. I enjoyed my experience at the center very much! I was hesitant to take a step and improve my hearing because I knew so many people that carried their hearing aids in their pocket or left them on the dresser. But it doesn't have to be that way! My experience at McCollum Hearing Center was great! The service from Jessica McCollum and the hearing aids were both unbelievable! The hearing aids have been a blessing to me and I have no problems wearing them all day long because they are so comfortable that I forget they are in my ear. If anyone needs hearing aids, I would suggest that they try them for themselves because that is the only way you know what you are missing. No one can go by what someone else says, they need to experience hearing for themselves. I would recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for a professional health care provider.

~ Daniel Dunlap, November 5, 2013

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by Mr. Swope. I was very impressed by the service and the atmosphere at the center. I chose to go to McCollum Hearing Center for my hearing needs because I had seen a competitor in the Hagerstown area back in 2004 and I was not at all happy with his disposition or attention to detail. However, Jessica at McCollum Hearing Center was very professional and thorough during my evaluation and consultation. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family because of how impressed I was with the quality of service. I would advise anyone that is hesitant to purchase hearing aids to just do it because when you can't hear you become frustrated, confused and then cannot communicate well with those around you. It is definitely worth it to get the hearing aids!

~ Richard Stallings, November 4, 2013

I chose to pursue hearing healthcare at McCollum Hearing Center because I have heard many good things about McCollum Hearing Center. Lou Scally can't say enough good things about this center and I was very impressed with the center and staff myself. I was very grateful that I could hear again as soon as the hearing aids were placed on me to try. I am just so happy that I can hear again that I have been recommending McCollum Hearing Center to all of my friends and family! For those of you that are hesitant or apprehensive about having a hearing test or buying hearing aids, my only question for you is, Why wait? Your hearing is not going to improve on it's own, it is only going to get worse! Do not wait any longer!

~ Cecilia Reighard, August 12, 2013

I was looking for a new hearing care provider because I was dissatisfied with my previous provider. I chose McCollum Hearing center because I was impressed with the ads that I heard on the radio and saw in the newspaper. I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff at McCollum Hearing Center. The atmosphere was very comfortable and I was relaxed at all of my appointments. They made a great effort to run follow-up tests on the performance of my hearing aids at my visits after I purchased hearing aids. I could tell that my hearing problem was noticeably being solved,rather than only being told that it was being solved. The associates were very attentive and always available to answer all of my questions as well as made great suggestions for making the adjustment to hearing an easier process for me. I believe that the difference between this consultation and my last consultation (at another provider in Hagerstown was that this time I received a 100% more effective solution to my hearing problem than last time. I would recommend this center to everyone and anyone who needs help hearing. This is the best place for you to come because they have the best service and best technology to meet your needs.

~ Teresa Mull, August 19th, 2013

I decided to visit McCollum Hearing Center for my hearing care needs because they had advertised re-chargeable batteries and being a hearing aid wearer, I knew this would be a great advantage for me. The center was very easy to get to, the building access was accommodating. I believe that the service from this center was fantastic! The follow-up after I received my hearing aids was great. They did not just sell me hearing aids and send me out the door, instead they checked on my many times and adjusted my hearing aids sothat they were perfect for me. In my book, this made McCollum Hearing Center a 10 out of 10 because they stood by their work and made sure I was happy. Anyone that visits this center will be satisfied because not only can you hear again but the customer service is great! I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family.

~ Blestle Marler, July 16, 2013

My first impression of McCollum Hearing Center was that the center was nice, relaxed and comfortable. The entire staff was very courteous and attentive. I felt relaxed when I entered as there was not a lot of pressure. I was a civil service worker in maintenance for many years and have had a hearing test completed every year. The test I had at McCollum Hearing Center was much more thorough because it was in a sound-proof booth and the consultation explained the test in much greater detail. I am completely satisfied with the service that I have received from McCollum Hearing Center and I am impressed by the attention they pay to the details of fine-tuning and adjusting the hearing aids. They have scheduled me for several follow-up appointments to make sure that the hearing aids are working to their potential. I would highly recommend McCollum Hearing Center because anyone that is concerned or hesitant to have their hearing tested should know that they are in good hands. Being able to hear is worth the time spent adjusting to sounds I have not heard in a long time.

~ George H. July 16, 2013

Idecided to come to McCollum Hearing Center for my hearing health because a friend of mine highly recommended the services of Linda McCollum. I am glad I followed her advice because the office was extremely professional and the staff was very pleasant. I noticed that the testing that was conducted was more thorough then what I had received from other places in Hagerstown. The hearing test was explained to me in detail so that I could understand my hearing loss. I have had a very positive experience at McCollum Hearing Center and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hearing health care provider. I am very satisfied with my hearing aids. Linda explained to me different options that I had and I was able to get exactly the type of hearing aids I wanted. I would encourage anyone who is hesitant to get hearing aids to make an appointment with McCollum Hearing Center. I am no longer criticized about not being able to hear, and it is a wonderful feeling!

~ Connie Mullendore, June 28, 2013

I was drawn to McCollum Hearing Center because of diverse advertising that I have seen and heard. When they hosted an Open House in March, I thought this was a great opportunity for me to explore options to improve my hearing. I was impressed that they would have representation for hearing aid companies on site to answer my questions. The center was able to offer me amazing technology that made a significant difference in my hearing! When I visited the center I was impressed by how warm and friendly the atmosphere was. I felt very comfortable working with and talking to the entire staff. Since I have purcahsed my hearing aids, I have been very pleased with the attention to detail and follow-up I have received from McCollum Hearing Center.I am very happy that I decided to purchase new hearing aids, as they have made a significant difference in my hearing. Anyone in need of hearing aids should "just do it"! So many people do not even realize that I am wearing hearing aids because of how small and discreet they are.I would suggest McCollum Hearing Center to anyone who is seeking a hearing healthcare provider.

~ Ricky Neikirk, April 11,2013

I was very impressed with the facilities at McCollum Hearing Center. I have worn hearing aids for years and I have been to several different companies in the Hagerstown area but none that were as nice and as impressive as McCollum Hearing Center. I decided to go to McCollum Hearing Center to see if they had a better solution than what I was currently wearing. I was pleasantly surprised that the hearing aid Mrs. McCollum fitted me with was a big improvement over the ones I had been wearing. I now have more control over the volume and several different programs for different listening environments. This was a big help in my social life as well! I was also impressed with the 45-day risk-free trial period that McCollum Hearing Center offers. You really have nothing to lose by having a test and consultation. I would suggest McCollum Hearing Center to anyone that needs help with their hearing.They will be impressed with the improvement in their hearing!

~ Grady Grimm, January 2013

I had went to several other local hearing aid centers in Hagerstown before I went to McCollum Hearing Center. I did not have the experience at those centers that I had a McCollum Hearing Center. McCollum Hearing Center treated me as like I was an important person and not just a number. The other places I went to tried to rush me and I felt as though I was not an important part of their day. At McCollum Hearing Center, I felt very comfortable because the office was very professional and the staff was very friendly. I have seen a big difference since I started wearing my hearing aids especially when I am hunting. This year I have been able to hear the squirrels, turkeys and even coyotes that I have not heard for quite sometime. I really didn't realize what I was missing before I started wearing my hearing aids and I am sure others are not aware of what they are missing either. I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone looking for a solution to their hearing needs!

~ Jan Grim, November 29, 2012

McCollum Hearing Center was my number one choice for my hearing healthcare because Linda McCollum is a patient at the dentist office where I work. I felt comfortable coming to a place where I knew the provider would treat me with great service and care. When I first arrived at the office everyone was very pleasant, friendly and the atmosphere was comfortable. I was very anxious and nervous about my appointment but I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. Everyone in the office made the process of purchasing hearing aids very easy. I fully understood my hearing loss and the process of fitting hearing aids. Linda has adjusted them very well! I cannot believe the difference between what I thought I was hearing and what I hear now! Had I known the process would be so painless and hassle free I wouldn’t have hesitated as long as I did. I definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone that needs a healthcare provider. I am in the process of trying to get my mother to come in and purchase hearing aids as well!

~ Cheryl Boward, June 2, 2012

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by Aetna and I was excited because they were located in the Sylvania Centre just above Dr. Ditto, my Primary Care Physician. The atmosphere in the office was very quiet and professional, which was calming for me. The examination and explanation of my hearing was very complete and detailed. I had never been tested so thoroughly before and never in a sound proof booth! Her explanation of my hearing test made me understand why I was frustrating for people to talk to. Linda explained that I was missing common letters when she tested how much speech I could understand. Looking at the test (audiogram) with Linda put me at ease and helped reassure me that I needed to do something about my hearing loss. Linda took my hearing loss and hearing concerns as serious I did. I did not feel like I was just another patient taking up her time. She is very caring, concerned and committed to helping you hear again. She takes the time and does a great job getting the hearing aids tuned just right. If I ever have a concern, Linda finds an answer to help me. I would suggest to anyone that is debating on having a hearing test or buying hearing aids that my life has improved 150% since I purchased hearing aids. I no longer feel left out of conversations or social gatherings. I have the ability to control the sounds in my environment and that gives me peace of mind.

~ Susan Line, July 5, 2012

I have been a patient of Linda’s for several years, ever since she was at Tristate Hearing on S. Potomac street and then at Sonus. McCollum Hearing Center is a very professional, modern office…very nice! I have had my hearing tested by individuals other than Linda over the years, however Linda provides a much more thorough examination and even an explanation of my hearing loss and solutions/options. On a scale of 1-10, I would say that McCollum Hearing Center deserves a 9…because let’s face it, nothing in life is ever perfect, but I would say Linda is pretty close to it! My experience dealing with Linda, has been super! She is very concerned about and involved in making sure the hearing aids are customized to your hearing loss. She does her best to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. If you haven’t yet pursued hearing aids, you really are missing out on communication. Hearing aids may never replace your real ears, but they certainly put you back in the social world. I would definitely recommend her to my friends!

~ Donald Reeser, May 16, 2012

McCollum Hearing Center is at a very convenient location in the North End of Hagerstown. Not only do they have a great location, they have a terrific staff that is extremely friendly. I waited until I retired to get my hearing aids and now I wish I would’ve purchased them sooner. I am hearing things now that I have been missing for years. My advice to others would be, if you think you need hearing aids, get them! Just do it! It will make a world of difference in your life. The hearing aids I have are fantastic and I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center! They worked with me on the payments and to make sure I was completely satisfied. I would say it has been a great experience!

~ Edward Seese, May 14, 2012

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by my daughter-in-law who was very enthused about the care Linda had provided to her other family members. I thought that with Linda being in the same building as my primary care doctor that it had to be a top-notch facility. I was right! The office was very professional and provided a nice environment for the hearing consultation. This was the first hearing test I have had in quite some time. I was pleased to see that there was a sound-proof booth, as this is the one thing I recall about my previous test. I am sure that the booth ensures accuracy when testing. I will surely recommend my friends and family to McCollum Hearing Center. And I would also advise them to not put off having their hearing tested. Hearing aids are not something that anyone should worry about; they are easy to adjust to. I have had a very positive experience overall with the entire process!

~ Richard Troxell, March 2, 2012

I selected McCollum Hearing Center because I had seen their advertising and was impressed. The office was very friendly and comfortable. My examination and consultation was extremely thorough and professional. I quickly became confident that I had come to the right place for my hearing health care. Linda has a great skill set and is excellent at what she does! My entire visit was very positive! So positive that I have already recommended McCollum Hearing Center to a friend of mine, who, is now also, very satisfied with the care she was given by Linda. My advice to anyone contemplating hearing aids is that once you have the hearing aids on you will never want to take them off! All the reason you have been putting off purchasing the hearing-aids, no longer matter! The first time I heard the rain with my hearing aids on, I got teary-eyed. I can’t imagine what I have been missing for all of these years!

~ Linda Barnhart, February 6, 2012

I was fortunate to find that McCollum Hearing Center carried a specific product that I needed for my hearing manufactured by Phonak. Because I was able to find this product I decided to contact this office for an appointment. I was definitely satisfied with the service I received and with the way I was treated. I trusted that Linda knew how to do the examination and demonstration of the products but it was terrific that she listened to exactly what I was telling her regarding my experience while wearing the hearing aid. It was great to be working with a hearing professional that actually listened! For those that are contemplating hearing aids, my advice would be to seek a professional with experience and that you can trust! You cannot put a price tag on your hearing! I have no problem recommending McCollum Hearing Center to my loved ones.

~ Paul Bowers, December 29, 2011

I chose McCollum Hearing center because after a visit to another hearing provider I was not offered enough options. I saw the ad on TV and in the newspaper and decided to try McCollum Hearing Center. I very much appreciated the privacy the office offered and the amount of time I had Linda (the hearing care provider). I in no way felt overwhelmed, rushed or pressured during the appointment. The exam that I experienced was far more thorough then at the other office I had went to. The different types of tests that Linda performed help to pinpoint my hearing problems more specifically. I am extremely happy with my hearing aids and even more so with the attention that was given to me and the follow-up. I am already recommending McCollum Hearing Center to my friends and family members. I think everyone should realize that losing your hearing is just like being blind. You are completely missing out on a sensory experience when you cannot hear. No one should put off having a hearing test or addressing your needs because you really don't know what you're missing!

~ Gloria Leonard, December 23, 2011

I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center by a friend of mine that was very impressed with her new hearing aids and with the level of service from Linda McCollum. The hearing test and consultation was much more detailed than those that I had with my last 3 hearing providers. There seemed to be more to this exam and the results were explained carefully to me so that I completely understood my hearing loss. Once I understood my hearing loss I felt comfortable enough to make a decision regarding hearing aids. The best advice that I could give someone who may be apprehensive about their hearing test/loss/aids is to feel perfectly relaxed at your appointment! Linda is not pushy, there is no pressure. They (McCollum Hearing Center) offer a 45-day trial period so that if you do not like the hearing aids it is ok, you have nothing to lose. I think Linda is confident that the hearing aids she demonstrates for you and her service are better than what you have experienced in the past so she doesn’t have any reason to be pushy or persuasive. During my trial period, I knew within 1 week that I never, ever wanted to give these hearing aids back! My family is pleased as punch that I am able to hear again! I would definitely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to all of my friends and family members!

~ Ellen Cochrane, October 17, 2011

After trying 3 other local hearing centers in Hagerstown, I was referred to McCollum Hearing Center from a friend of mine. The first impression I had of the center was that it had a very nice atmosphere which made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Once I met with Linda (the hearing care provider) I knew that she was very good at what she was doing. She was extremely friendly and took a personal interest in what I had to say. She gave me a very detailed explanation of my hearing loss and discussed hearing aid options. I would give Linda a "10" on a scale of 1-10, based on her personal interest to meet my individual needs. I know that at each appointment she will assess my needs and make sure that the hearing aids are working to the best of their ability

~ Mary Rickett, September 29, 2011

I chose McCollum Hearing Center because I have known Linda for several years and trust that she will have my best interest in mind. The evaluation that I received was superior to those I received in the past at other hearing centers in the area. Linda was very professional and thorough in her explanation of the hearing test and in her demonstration of the hearing aids. Any and all questions that I had were answered with a complete explanation. I would give McCollum Hearing Center a "10" (on a scale of 1-10) because the office is very pleasant and my appointments are very thorough. I would absolutely recommend McCollum Hearing Center to anyone who is in need of a hearing health care provider. My advice to those who are debating on having a hearing test or pursuing hearing aids, is that the problem is not going to get any better by ignoring it. You should not have to miss out on anything!

~ Thomas Clemens September 13, 2011

My first visit to McCollum Hearing Center was not my first encounter with them. I had been referred to see Linda McCollum about my hearing loss by a good friend of mine. Once I saw the ad in the paper for the Open House, I knew that I was ready to take that step. I had previously visited a different hearing center in town for an evaluation, but found that Linda's individual attention to the detail of my needs gave me the confidence that I needed in a provider to have peace of mind. When I arrived at the office, I was warmly greeted by a very friendly staff which made me feel at east during the appointment. I think that the main thing I realized and hope that everyone with a hearing loss realizes is that, hearing aids are unobtrusive in your life and should be pursued early on. I would recommend having an open mind and be willing to give it a try. I did and was completely assured that I could walk away within the 45-day trial period if I realized hearing aids were not for me. However, I am glad that I did not walk away from using hearing aids, because I am now privileged to be able to hear everything that my grandchildren are saying.

~ Rebecca Wyand, September 13, 2011

Before I first came to your office I had received a flyer from your office in the mail and saw your ad in the paper. I had been wearing hearing aids for 10+ years but I decided to schedule an appointment because I was frustrated with my previous provider and old hearing aids. I have struggled with tinnitus (ringing in my ears) for many years and my old hearing aids were not minimizing the tinnitus at all. I was very pleased when I came into McCollum Hearing Center as I felt comfortable and found everyone very friendly. Linda spent time with me during all of my appointments to listen to what I expected to get from the hearing aids and she thoroughly explained to me what the hearing aids could do for me. She fitted me with the LIVE TS by GnResound and I am happy to report that my tinnitus seems to be minimized! I am very happy with the results from these hearing aids. On a scale of 1-10, I would give McCollum Hearing Center a "10" because of the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that I experienced! I would definitely recommend this business to my friends and family!

~ Ellen Horst, August 9, 2011

I decided to come to McCollum Hearing Center because everything I had seen advertised from them looked very professional. I will definitely refer this center and Linda to my friends and family. She was excellent with her consultation, very thorough in her explanation of my hearing loss and the solutions available. McCollum Hearing Center is a good place to go for a good product at a good price. Plain and Simple, Linda is just better!

~ Robert Hamlin, July 15, 2011