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Hearing Aid Offers More Natural Listening Experience

McCollum Hearing Centering is partnering with hearing technology manufacturer ReSound, to offer patients the latest advancement in hearing aid technology.  ReSound VersoTM is a flexible new hearing aid that delivers a more natural listening experience via binaural processing- a feature that allows the hearing instruments to work together while you choose what sounds you want to focus on.

Verso offers advanced feedback management, which means that users will encounter less feedback without compromising sound quality or volume. Versomakes two hearing instruments work as one system.  This synchronization delivers outstanding speech understanding in noise and provides the most natural sound experience of any other ReSound instrument.

"ReSound Verso reduces the background noise in loud situations, helping you hear the voices you want to listen to, not the sounds you don't," said Jessica McCollum, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser, McCollum Hearing Center. "Verso puts the patient back in the driver's seat.  You can react and respond naturally to what you want to hear."

With the Comfort Phone feature, phone calls are extremely clear. The volume on the non-phone hearing aid is lowered automatically, so that the user can focus fully on conversations without losing a sense of what is going on around them. With the Music Mode feature, the tones and nuances of music are preserved, giving the user a rich music experience.

"Verso offers all the advanced features that ReSound users have come to expect with top-of-the-line technology," said Kevin Mensink, VP of Marketing, ReSound. "With the added feature of binaural fusion, Versoreally is a top-notch hearing instrument that delivers the most natural and comfortable listening experience."

ReSound Verso is available in a full line-up of models, styles and colors - from a new ultra-cosmetic IIC to a top performing high power BTE.

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About McCollum Hearing Center

At McCollum Hearing Center in Hagerstown, MD we will help you recover those sounds that are so precious! We offer a free comprehensive hearing screening and individualized consultation in which the best suited options to improve your hearing will be discussed. At our office you can always expect a comfortable atmosphere with professional competence, respect and caring service. We extend to our patients a Risk-Free 45-day Trial Period to ensure satisfaction with your hearing aids. In addition, 12-Month No-Interest Financing is available* to our patients.*To those that qualify