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Hearing Health

DiabetesHearing loss is more prevalent in people with diabetes

Physicians have another reason to recommend patients report their hearing loss. Researchers have discovered a higher rate of hearing loss in people with diabetes. Using tests that measure participants’ ability to hear at the low, mid, and high frequencies in both ears, the results indicated a link between diabetes and hearing loss at all frequencies, with a somewhat stronger association in the high-frequency range. Download the Hearing Loss & Diabetes PDF

Hearing loss and cerebro & cardiovascular disorders

The heart and hearing connection. Poor cardiovascular health causes inadequate blood flow and blood vessel trauma to the inner ear. The inner ear is so sensitive to blood flow that disorders such as hearing loss, particularly at the lower frequencies, may be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease.  Download the PDF to read about Cerebro & Cardiovacular disorder and hearing loss

2Hearing Loss & Dementia

Multiple studies indicate hearing loss can be linked to the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Leaving hearing loss untreated could pose a serious risk that has not been widely shared with the hearing impaired population. Providing this information will encourage patients and their loved ones to make more informed and timely decisions about their hearing care. Download our PDF on hearing loss and demetia

fallsHearing loss & increased risk of falling

Falls are responsible for numerous injuries and deaths among Americans 65 and older. Older people commonly experience brain injuries, hip and other bone fractures after a fall. Beyond the human cost, these serious conditions generate billions of dollars in healthcare expenses due to extended hospital stays, surgical interventions, and related treatments. Download our PDF on hearing loss and increased risk of falling

DepressionHearing loss and depression

The link between hearing loss and depression has been reinforced by recent studies. Several studies have been conducted on the link between depression and hearing loss. Recent findings indicate that of the groups studied, women of all ages and adults age 18 to 69 with hearing loss are more likely to experience "significant depression" than hearing loss sufferers over 70. Download our PDF explaining the link between hearing loss and depression