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CaptionCall Phone

Do you have trouble holding a conversation on the phone?  Do you struggle to hear what someone said on the other end of the line, even with your hearing aids in?

You are not alone!  Holding a conversation on the telephone is challenging people with hearing loss EVEN with hearing aids.  If you have a hearing loss try to employ the following when talking on the phone:

1.  Use a landline if available.  Landlines usually have a better speakers that allow the sounds to be more clear.  The Speaker option also helps in some instances!

2.  Use the phone in a quiet place where there are no interruptions or backgorund noises like the TV.

3.  Ask someone to speak up but not shout.  Shouting distorts the sound making it even harder to hear.


If you have tried these tactics and are still struggling to hear on the phone a Caption Call Phone may be right for you!  Caption Call Phone from ADA

To find out if you are eligible for this Free Phone click the link Below:




This is a FREE Service to anyone with Hearing Loss.  How is it Free?