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Hear for the Holidays!

This holiday season don’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying the festivities and gathering with family and friends. The holidays tend to be more problematic for people with hearing loss, whether you’re shopping, traveling or attending a party; situations are more likely to be noisy. For people with untreated hearing loss, the more noise the harder it is to follow a conversation.

Studies have shown that when left untreated people with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves from others in order to avoid situations where it is difficult to hear. If you or someone you know is suffering in silence this is the perfect time of year to try hearing aids.  No one wants to miss the punch line to the funny joke that had everyone at the dinner table laughing or miss out on conversations with young grandchildren.

Hearing aids come in a huge variety of styles and technology levels so there is sure to be one that fits your lifestyle. Some hearing aids are so tiny and discreet no one will even notice you have it on.  New technology even allows certain hearing aids to block out background noise, making listening easier.

Hearing loss shouldn’t ruin your holiday season.  We can schedule a FREE hearing evaluation with a hearing aid demo for you or a loved one.  This is a no-obligation appointment in which we will do our very best to meet your hearing needs and stay within your budget!