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Helping a Loved One with Hearing Loss

For someone with hearing loss, finding support can be a big hurdle, especially if the issue has been unaddressed for years.  Unfortunately, hearing loss is often embarassing and carries a negative connotation associated with aging or weakness.  People with hearing loss may tend to stop attending social functions including, church, meals out and/or playing cards.  Hearing loss not only affects the person with the loss it also affects their loved ones.  Quality of life begins to diminish and the longer it is left unaddressed the harder it is to rehabilitate. 

Because hearing loss has such a profound effect, it is essential that support is given.  When someone finally admits they need help hearing, family members do not always know how to support the decision.  First, you need to make an appointment with your hearing healthcare provider and get an updated hearing test and consultation.  Once the new hearing aids have been fitted, loved ones need to understand that learning to hear again is a rehabilitation process, just like learning to use your legs again after knee surgery.  It takes time to adjust.  It takes practice to recall what certain sounds are.  It also takes support when a loved one begins to be socially active.  The person may not hear perfectly at first because the brain has forgotten how to process those certain sounds.  

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