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How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

Rechargeable hearing aidsHearing aids last an average of 5 years.  Most often what happen is the technology becomes outdated before the hearing aids actually wear out.  Depending on how well the aids are protected from ear wax, moisture, and debris the longer they may last.  Regular cleanings and maintenance help prolong the life of the hearing aid.  Storing the hearing aids in a Dry&Store Box also help to dry ou any mositure in the aids and help the aids to last longer.  Another thing to consider when assessing how long your aids may last is your body chemistry.  Some people's body chemistry causes the hearing aids to break down faster than anothers.  These are not things that you can control but with proper care you can compensate for these things happening by bringing up issues to your hearing healthcare provider.  Lastly, if your hearing loss has become greater than then when you purchased your aids, it may be necessary for new aids because the older aids cannot give out enough power to compensate for the drop in your hearing.