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Importance of Follow-Up Appointments

You are probably wondering, Why you need In-office Follow Up Appointments after you are fitted with your hearing aids? 

In-officeFollow Up Appointments are Important follow-up visits are necessary as you adjust to hearing.  As you begin to hear sounds that you have not heard for a long time your brain has to adapt to hearing those sounds again.  During these follow-up appointments the hearing care professional can adjust your hearing aids so that these sounds are comfortable to you.  Also, as you wear the hearing aids in your daily environment you will come across situations that you cannot experience in the office.  It is important to remember these situations and report back to your hearing care provider how well you were able to hear the sounds of these environments.  In some cases, additional programs can be added to your hearing aids to assist in certain situations like a noisy restaurant, or the theatre, or even on the phone, etc.  If you make a note of how you were able to hear in these instances and then communicate that to the provider, she can make adjustments as needed to the hearing aids.  This will allow us to make sure your hearing aids are working to their best ability to meet your hearing needs!