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Insurance Benefits for Hearing Aids

MedicareIf you have an Insurance plan that covers the purchase of hearing aids, consider yourself one lucky person! Hearing aid benefits are hard to come by.  Unfortunately, even though there is a large population of people that would benefit from this coverage it is seldom seen.  Although you may qualify for Medicare or Medicaid coverage, just be aware that hearing aids are not included in that coverage.  There are some Supplemental plans that will cover a small amount towards the purchase of hearing aids.  This amount is usually a percentage of the Allowed Amount (that is the amount that is negotiated between the insurance company and the provider).  If the provider is out of network with the said insurance company then that Allowed Amount is negotiated for every claim.  So when we check you benefits and tell you that they will cover 50% of the allowed amount, this does not mean 50% of the purchase price.  The allowed amount is based upon statistics of a usual and customary BASIC  (low end) hearing aid.  This is an aid that simply magnifies sound but necessarily the aid that provides the features and benefits that you need to improve your hearing.  This can be not only confusing but frustrating when trying to figure out what your out-of-pocket cost will be for hearing aids.  At McCollum Hearing Center, we try our best to negotiate the highest Allowed Amount that the Insurance provider will grant us.  We do our best to get you the best coverage and the least amount out of pocket!