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Myths about Hearing Loss Debunked

Myth #1:  Hearing loss only Affects "old people"

There are 48 million people with hearing loss (in at least 1 ear) and 32 million are under the age of 65. Included are teens and young adults who have damaged their hearing with unsafe use of aduio devices.

Myth #2:  Hearing loss is a an isolated issue and does not affect my overall health

Hearing loss is associated with depression, cogntivie decline, dementia, increased risk of falling, social isolation and depression.  When your cognitive load becomese overwhelming because your brain is working so hard to decode sounds and words, the brain takes away resources from other functions like short-term memory.  

Myth #3:  Hearing aids are like glasses

When you put on glasses it is possible to instanty correct your vision to 20/20.  The same is not true for hearing aids.  Your brain needs time to adjust to hearing again and relearn how to process the sounds you are hearing.  Wearing hearing aids is a rehabilitation process.  And even with the best hearing aids, your hearing is never 100% restored to normal.  

Myrth #4:  Hearing loss comes with age and cannot be prevented

Hearing loss has many causes including genetics, medications, and noise exposure.  Smoking and Diabetes can also cause hearing issues.  Although you cannot control all causes, you can protect your hearing by wearing ear protection, you can not smoke and stay informed of side effects of medications.  

Myth #5:  I don't need hearing aids because my hearing loss is not that bad.  

Even a mild hearing loss can have an adverse affect on your work, home and social life.  Studies show use of hearing aids is associated with an imprved mood, outlook, communication, independence, and social interaction.  


(Source Hearing Health, Spring 2016)