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Protect Your Hearing Aids from Humidity

The Dry & Store Zephyr box is the most effective way to care for your hearing aids.  You have invested in your heairng now need to protect that investment!  Perspiration, humidity, and condensation are all enemies of hearing aids.  Dry & Store boxes utilize technology that allows dry air to circulate around your hearing aids and then the Dry-Brik captures the moisture.  So the moisture is gone completely!  The Dy & Store Zephyr box is extremely easy to use.  Simply place your hearing aids (batteries too) inside of the box before you go to bed each night and press the ON button.  While you sleep the Zephyr box dries and conditions the hearing aids and then turns itself off.  When you wake, your hearing aids are ready to go!  They will sound better--more powerful and crisp, as well as feel more comfortable too!  Most uses report bestter sound quality and fewer repairs when using the Zephyr box!  Need more info?  Be sure to ask about this Dry & Store product at your next appointment and help you hearing aids last longer!!