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Resound Pairing Troubleshooting

Have you ever had an issue with you hearing aids not connecting to your Smart App or have the aids ever stopped streaming your music or phone calls?

Here are a few tips that will help you Troubleshoot and (hopefully) fix the issue:

1.  Close ALL the apps on your phone double click on the home button and swipe up on each app to close it (or for Android you can hit CLOSE ALL).

2.  Turn your Phone off, wait 2 minutes and then turn it back on

3.  Open your Smart App and make sure that DEMO Mode is turned off (the slider should be grayed out, not RED).  There is a chance that an iOS Update could cause the DEMO mode to be activated automatically, so this is something you will have to manually turn off.

4.  Turn BlueTooth OFF, wait 2 minutes, Turn BlueTooth Back on.  If your aids are not found then proceed to the next steps.

In 90% of all cases, the above steps will fix the connection to your phone or your App.

If the above the steps do not fix the issue, you can give us a call at the office and we can schedule you an appointment or try our best to walk you through the steps.   

If you are feeling brave, you can try to repair the aids to your phone by with the following steps with your iPhone:

Fresh batteries or a good charge on your heaing aids and phone are needed.

With your BlueTooth on, Then click

     Settings, General, Accessibility, Hearing Devices, Forget Device, Close Settings App

Next, Open your battery doors or turn off your aids (hold down the button on the back for 5 seconds)

Go back in to Settings, General, Accessibility, Hearing Devices

Click MFi Devices and wait for the phone to spin/search for aids

Close Battery doors.Turn on hearing aids (hold down button on the back for 5 seconds)

The phone should find the aids and a PAIR box should pop up TWICE (1x for each aid)

Click Pair, Pair (in each box)

Let the hearing aids set next to the phone for a SOLID TWO MINUTES without touching

Here is a Video that can help you Pair the aids to your phone as well