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Why are there different levels of hearing air technology?

Hearing Aid AThese days information is everywhere!  We research everything! We don’t buy a toaster or a car without reading the features, the benefits and reviews. We want to make sure we are not sold to but rather making an informed decision to purchase.  We don’t care for cheesy sales tactics and we want to make sure we know what we’re talking about before we set foot in a store.  These tendencies hold true for hearing aids as well!  You are probably researching and finding out that there is a lot to learn about hearing aids so I just wanted to try to simplify the technological side of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid BToday’s hearing aids are small computers.  Inside each aid is a tiny computer chip.  The tiny computer chip is what determines how well you hear and understand in different situations while wearing your hearing aids.  You cannot tell from the outside what of the aid what the aid is capable of.  Hearing aid A and B look exactly the same on the outside but on the inside hearing  aid A has many more features than hearing aid B. Buy a hearing aid is similar to buying a car.  Even after you have decided to purchase a Mercedes, you have to decide which bells and whistles you want included.  Buying a Mercedes a C-class is much different than a E-class.  Both are great cars but your purchase depends on your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.  The same holds true for hearing aids.

The links to Manufacture charts below show in great detail what features and benefits of the levels of technology offer:

Once you have selected a level of technology in hearing aids that best matches your hearing needs, budget needs and lifestyle needs its time to make align those with your expectations of the hearing aids.  If your expectation is that the hearing aid will restore you to normal hearing, you will have to modify your expectation.  The higher the level of technology the greater the ability of the aid to mimic normal hearing but it is still a mimic, it’s not a complete restoration.  So if you decide that your budget is best suited for a lower technology aid then we have to make sure your expectations of the capabilities of the technology meet the benefit that is received.  It will take time for you to adjust to the hearing aids as well as hearing again.  Give it time, it’s a common process!