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The Importance of the Hearing Test

by Virginia Wise, Audiologist Having your hearing tested, even if you don’t have a hearing loss, is an important part in your hearing healthcare. Just like vision testing, hearing evaluations are recommended annually. And just like other preventative health measures, hearing professionals recommend anyone over age 40 to have their hearing tested.

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It's Not the Gadget

by Virginia Wise, Audiologist Here’s what I see all the time. Patients come to my office, often with family members in tow, lamenting the hearing loss they’ve had for years. They’ve tried mail-order amplifiers that didn’t work. They bought something from the internet that didn’t work. They tried a hearing aid 10 or more years ago and hated it. The stories are often similar, and the sentiment is usually the same – “hearing aids just don’t work”.

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Hearing Loss

by Virginia Wise, Audiologist A Few Statistics on Hearing Loss We all know someone with hearing loss. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, a friend, or great Aunt Sally, we understand that hearing loss is common. But just how common is it? Here are just a few statistics on hearing loss:

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3 Myths that Keep You from Better Hearing

There are always a lot of reasons we don’t take action. Sometimes we delay taking action because of myths we have believed. Hearing loss has its own set myths. Don’t let these myths keep you from seeking hearing help in 2016.

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Falling in Love with Hearing Again

Human communication has clearly changed since the days when we relied on hunting and gathering to feed our families, and taken on new forms – through social media, texting, even video calls.  The constant that remains is the importance of communication to our relationships with others.

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Seniors are in denial about their hearing loss

Hearing aids can make all the difference

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Hearing Loss and Society

We have millions of hearing -impaired people in today's society and the percentage is increasing.  Of those affected, less than 20% having hearing aids to improve their hearing.  Why? hearing impairment is a disability that continues to be stigmatized.  Consequently, many people equate wearing hearing aids with being old, handicapped or less intelligent.

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How often should I have my hearing tested?

By about age 65, everyone should have an initial, baseline hearing evaluation.

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Diseases of the Ear

Cancers of the Ear 

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Consequences of Hearing Loss

Many people are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help.

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