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RIC Hearing Aids

People with a mild or moderate hearing loss have a real choice. Their hearing loss doesn’t drive them to use amplification as strongly as it does for a client with a severe or profound hearing loss.

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Don't let the heat beat your hearing aids!

With the heat rising, McCollum Hearing Center wants you to protect your investment!

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Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss

Tips for traveling by plane, traveling by car, and for staying a hotel or resort.

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Hearing Accessories

If you have a hearing loss that effects your understanding ability, it may be beneficial for you to consider one or more of the following hearing accessories.

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Hearing Checklist for Parents

Up to 3 months: Reacts to sounds and moises without sight contact

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Using Unite Phone Clip with Resound Hearing Aids

Need assistance using your new phone clip from Resound? Watch the video below for some helpful pointers.

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Using the Unite Remote Control for Resound Hearing Aids

Below is a quick video explaining how to use the Unite Remote Control.  If you still have problems with your remote, after viewing the video, please contact at the office for assistance.

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Connecting Unite TV Streamer to the TV

To connect the Unite TV streamer, follow the guidance of the video below:

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Using Unite TV Streamer with Resound Hearing Aids

If you are having difficulty using the TV streamer with your Resound Hearing Aids, watch the following video to see if it is able to answer your questions. If not please call us at the office for assistance.

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The Tinnitus Cycle

Resound has developed a hearing aid that will re-train your brain to focus less on the tinnitus (or ringing in your ears) and more on your environment.

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