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Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids

Are you concerned about how to properly wear a mask and your hearing aids at the same time? We know that this is an issue for many hearing aid wearers.  Below is a ling that will give you a few options as to  how to wear your mask and hearing aids at the same time without one interfereing with the other. Please continue to be careful when removing your mask as we have had several patient's lose their hearing aids when removing the mask.

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Connection between Hearing Loss and Dementia

For people with hearing loss, using a hearing aid is associated with a reduced risk of three common health problems of aging — dementia, depression and falls — according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.The study found that people who received hearing aids in the three years after being diagnosed with hearing loss had lower rates of dementia, depression and falls than those who didn’t get the devices.  The researchers looked at the study subjects’ insurance...

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Social Distancing Doesn't Have to Equal Social Isolation

3 important facts about staying connected during COVID-19 "While the physical health impacts of Coronavirus – COVID-19 – are starting to become well-understood, and the socio-economic impacts are developing, one aspect that remains under-examined is the mental health impact of how the country is responding to the outbreak. In particular – the principle of social distancing. Stay-at-home, shelter-in-place and more stringent quarantine policies have been enacted, affecting the majority of the...

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Myths about Hearing Loss Debunked

Myth #1:  Hearing loss only Affects "old people" There are 48 million people with hearing loss (in at least 1 ear) and 32 million are under the age of 65. Included are teens and young adults who have damaged their hearing with unsafe use of aduio devices. Myth #2:  Hearing loss is a an isolated issue and does not affect my overall health

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Virto B

High-performing technology and first-class design By incorporating a high-tech material for Virto B-Titanium, we’ve created hearing aids that reflect our passion for innovation and ingenious engineering design that combines performance, functionality, and aesthetics.  

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