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The Tinnitus Cycle

Resound has developed a hearing aid that will re-train your brain to focus less on the tinnitus (or ringing in your ears) and more on your environment.

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Hearing-impaired boy lives every kid's dream: becoming a superhero

Five-year-old Anthony Smith didn't think superheroes wore hearing aids, until he became one.

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Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

In the past wearing hearing aids has made it difficult to use various audio devices such as cell phones and Mp3 players. However, today's latest digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology has changed the way hearing aid users stay connected.

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There's an App for that!

Depend on your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to keep track of your life? Now there is an app that lets you control your hearing aids too.

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Buzzing or Ringing in your ears?

Tinnitus - from the Latin verb "to jingle" - is an involuntary sound perception originating inside the head. In about 80-85% of cases, tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Offers More Natural Listening Experience

McCollum Hearing Center is pleased to offer ReSound VersoTM, a new hearing instrument that uses binaural fusion to deliver hearing like second nature.

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