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The Top 5 Benefits of the Phonak CROS B-R

Find out the Top5 Beneifts of the Phonak CROS B-R (for Single Sided Deafness)

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Adding Favorites to Resound 3D Smart App

Learn how to Add Favorties to your ReSound Smart 3D app that is connected to your ReSound Smart Hearing aids.  

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Resound 3D Smart App Changing Volume and Programs

How to Change the Volume on the Resound 3D Smart App How to Change the Programs on the Resound 3D App  

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Better Hearing Luncheon

Hearing loss affects overall health and cognition including causing social isolation, increasing your risk of falling and coinciding with depression or dementia. Finding out more about how your mind and body are connected to your hearing is the first step to addressing hearing loss. McCollum Hearing Center invites you to attend a luncheon focused on information on how hearing loss can be affecting your life and what are the next steps if you believe you or a loved one may have a hearing loss.

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Insurance Benefits for Hearing Aids

If you have an Insurance plan that covers the purchase of hearing aids, consider yourself one lucky person!

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Patient Testimony Videos

Check out what our patients have to say about their experience of being fitted with hearing aids at McCollum Hearing Center.

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Online Hearing Tests

If you think you are having trouble hearing and have taken our online hearing test but want a second opinion, try one of these easy to use online hearing tests:

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Why are there different levels of hearing air technology?

These days information is everywhere!  We research everything! We don’t buy a toaster or a car without reading the features, the benefits and reviews.

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