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Clue your coworkers in on hearing loss

Life at the office can be tense: projects are due, mistakes are made, deadlines have to be met. Hearing loss, of course, does nothing to alleviate the stress.

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What to tell your boss about your hearing loss

Having a hearing loss can be a strain for you and your co-workers but it doesn’t have to be.  It is important to tell co-workers of your hearing loss so that they can better communicate with you.

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Want a Better Listener? Protect Those Ears

Specialists say such safeguards are critical for young ears in a deafening world. Hearing loss from exposure to loud noises is cumulative and irreversible.

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Tips for Speaking to Hearing Aid Warers

When talking to someone that you know is a wearing a hearing aid follow the following tips.

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Listening Techniques

Read the following listening techniques for the speaker as well as the listener.

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How to Educate Teachers About Your Child's Hearing Loss

Parents, as you begin to prepare your child for a new school year consider preparing your child’s teacher(s) as well by sending an “introductory” or “re-introduction” letter.

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Pairing Hearing Aids to Your iPhone

Is your iPhone asking you to re-pair your hearing aids? It's easier than you think to solve this issue! Follow these simple steps for the solution.

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Suppressing Tinnitus with Music Therapy

Subjective tinnitus, the ringing or other noise that often accompanies noise-related hearing loss, is a tough problem to treat. But researchers in Germany have come up with a novel approach.

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Tips to Adjusting Hearing Aids

Get tips to get used to your hearing aid at home, on vacation, at work, and out and about.

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ReSound LiNX 3D - A New Dimension in Hearing Care

The Future of Smart Hearing is here. ReSound was proud to launch the new ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid family, ReSound Smart Fit fitting software, ReSound Smart 3D App and ReSound Assist remote fine tunining capability.

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