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Audeo B-R Press Release

McCollum Hearing Center now offers groundbreaking rechargeable hearing aid technology to the general public

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Managing Hearing Loss at Work

Reveal, don't conceal. Here are 10 ways to better manage your hearing loss in the workplace

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How Loud is Too Loud?

View this "noise thermometer" to learn the dangers of various noises.

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Your high technology hearing aids need a power source, which is provided by batteries. It is particularly amazing with digital hearing aids that you can run a computer on a little battery?

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Celebrating 35 years with Hearing Aids?!

We celebrated our 35th anniversary with an unusual gift: His-and-hers hearing aids.

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Why do people not wear their hearing aids?

People complain about their hearing aids and say they don’t wear them. They admit to putting them in their dresser drawer. 

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What to Expect When Wearing Hearing Aids

12 Helpful Hints To Wearing Hearing Aids

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Improving the Use of Hearing Aids

There have been many studies done that have shown that a significant percentage of people who have hearing aids do not use them consistently.

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Communicating with Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

Its that time of year again, when we gather with loved ones and enjoy catching up with those we haven't seen over the year.  Family gatherings can be stressful for our loved ones with untreated hearing loss.

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Coping with Hard-of-Hearing Parents

It can be very frustrating for family and friends when an older person won't get or wear hearing aids. Everyone around them struggles to communicate with them but they still seem either stubborn or unaware that it is a problem. It becomes more obvious at family gatherings.  The older person keeps asking those around her to repeat things. And it's hard to be patient.

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