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Zika infection now linked to hearing loss in babies, study finds

Doctors are now adding hearing loss to the growing list of health problems linked to Zika infections in babies. The virus is already known to cause microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development, among other serious health problems. In a study of 69 Zika-infected babies with severe microcephaly, about 6% showed hearing loss, according to a study fromCenters for Disease Control and Prevention released Thursday.

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Using Solar Power to Enable Better Hearing

Botswana-based Deaftronics attempts to tackle a similar problem.

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Preventing the Noise Problem

By Dr. Virginia Wise Most people know that hearing loss can be caused by excessive noise exposure. What most people don’t know is that noise exposure is time-weighted, or even what that means.

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Hearing loss and diabetes

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A Look Inside GNResound

A Look Inside GN Resound Question Led by innovations in technology, the landscape of hearing healthcare is changing. What is GN Hearing doing to support users and hearing healthcare professionals in this evolving industry?   Answer

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They Say "It's Normal for Your Age" But, Is It?

By Dr. Virginia Wise, Audiologist You hear it often, from doctors and other professionals, and those who say it usually mean well. But what they really should be saying instead is, “It’s common for your age”.  While hearing loss with age is very common, hearing loss is never ‘normal’.

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Respect (and Treat!) Your Elders

Excerpt from Hearing Matters by Dennis Colucci, AuD, MA (2016)

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It's Affecting Your Health

  By Virginia Wise, Audiologist Hearing loss is a pain-free disease. Or is it? Hearing loss goes untreated in the vast majority of people who experience it. The reasons vary from denial, to embarrassment, to vanity, to finances. Whatever the reason, many people are reluctant to seek treatment for a hearing loss. Common wisdom says that it doesn’t need to be a priority because it causes no pain, and therefore we can ignore it until it’s so bad we can no longer function. But trust me; it’s...

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Missing the Conversation?

Have you been missing out on conversation? Wish you could hear the backseat conversation while you’re driving? Not anymore.

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The Importance of the Hearing Test

by Virginia Wise, Audiologist Having your hearing tested, even if you don’t have a hearing loss, is an important part in your hearing healthcare. Just like vision testing, hearing evaluations are recommended annually. And just like other preventative health measures, hearing professionals recommend anyone over age 40 to have their hearing tested.

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