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Hearing Loss Takes a Health Toll

Hearing loss in older adults increases the risk for hospitalization and poor health, a new study has found, even taking into account other risk factors.

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How Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Quality of Life

Hearing impairment interferes with all voice communications.  This can lead to insecurity in many spheres of life.  The insecurity oftne results in external and internal withdrawl.

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Protect Your Hearing from Fireworks

Whether you are shooting fireworks in your drive-way or watching a public display, you could be at risk of having some hearing damage.

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Introducing the New Phonak Audeo B-R

Free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries!

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New Resound Linx3D

ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids come with the superior sound quality of Surround Sound by ReSound.

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Patient Testimony Videos

Check out what our patients have to say about their experience of being fitted with hearing aids at McCollum Hearing Center.

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Resistant to Hearing Aids

The person with a hearing problem is often the last to notice it, because the change comes on gradually over years and starts subtly.

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Vacationing with Hearing Aids

Believe it or not, hearing aids can actually make traveling easier! You may think your hearing aids will make vacation travel more complicated, but the opposite is true.

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10 Reasons Hearing Aids Are NOT Like Glasses

Do your friends and family ever wonder why you don’t hear better with your hearing aids?

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Better Hearing Event

Join us as we explore how hearing affects overall health and cognition. Plus, why it is so important that hearing loss is addressed!

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