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Marvel Hearing Aid acts as a Mic when talking on the Phone

Did you know one of the coolest feautres about the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid is that the hearing aid itself is a micrphone for your phone! The hearing aids connect directly to your Smart Phone thru Bluetooth.  It is a simple as connecting your Bluetooth Earbuds to your phone! Once you connect your aids to your phone thru Bluetooth your aids become your earbuds!  You can now stream music, YouTube Videos,  and phone calls directly to thru the aids.  And that's not evem the best part, the best...

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Helping a Loved One with Hearing Loss

For someone with hearing loss, finding support can be a big hurdle, especially if the issue has been unaddressed for years.  Unfortunately, hearing loss is often embarassing and carries a negative connotation associated with aging or weakness.  People with hearing loss may tend to stop attending social functions including, church, meals out and/or playing cards.  Hearing loss not only affects the person with the loss it also affects their loved ones.  Quality of life begins to diminish and the...

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Recognizing hearing loss

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Use of Roger Products

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