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HEAR to stay, not fade away

As we begin 2018, we, at McCollum Hearing Center want to make sure we are making every effort to keep you present and connected with your “NOW”.  Life connections enable us to live beyond ourselves and enable society to evolve.  It is McCollum Hearing Center’s responsibility to keep you connected with your life and not to let it fade.  Our sense of hearing is vital to enjoying our lives!  Hearing connects us to the outside world while we are still in utero and yet it is the last sense to diminish when we die.

Generally speaking, hearing loss does not happen overnight.  It happens slowly, giving you the perception that “you can hear just fine”.  However, your loved ones will tell you differently.  Your hearing affects the way in which they can effectively communicate with you!  Your hearing must stay strong and constant for you to maintain your full potential in the “NOW”.

If you allow your hearing to fade, then your connection to your “NOW” will fade as well.  Some examples include: 

  • Sharpness of the mind fades
  • Ability to create new memories fades
  • Mental and physical energy fades
  • Confidence, independence, self-efficacy fades
  • Physical health and overall quality of life fades

It is no wonder that research has determined that hearing loss leads to social anxiety, depression, and the potential to NOT be ourselves.  Life does not have to be this way!  Technology has allowed hearing aids to become a remarkable, discreet tool to improve your quality of life. We understand that this technology can make hearing aids expensive BUT we are able to provide you with a solution that will not only meet your hearing needs but will also stay within your personal budget.

Please allow us to find that solution for you by calling us, 301-745-4820, for a consultation in which we are able to discuss your hearing and the importance of our message,

“Hear to stay, not fade away”.

“NOW” is the time to make the change in 2018!  We look forward to hearing from you!