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13424 Pennsylvania Ave Ste 204, Sylvania Center,
Hagerstown, MD 21742
Mon - Thur 8:30am - 5pm
(301) 745-4820

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What to Expect

Waiting RoomWhat to expect when coming in to McCollum Hearing?

McCollum Hearing strives for your visit to be as smooth and comfortable as much as possible. As you enter our office, you will be warmly greeted and asked to fill out new patient information and a brief questionnaire about your hearing to better help us better understand where you are coming from.

It is highly recommended, that at your initial visit, you bring along a loved one that can assist you in making important decisions about your hearing.

The hearing specialist will then introduce themselves and assist you into their office where they will ask you a series of questions regarding your case history. The case history will questions pertaining to previous medical problems with the ears (such as recurrent ear infections), current medications, history of noise exposure, ringing in your ears (tinnitus), family history of hearing loss and the different areas in which you may be experiencing hearing difficulties, such as restaurants or group settings.

Hearing EvaluationThe comprehensive hearing evaluation takes approximately 60 minutes.

After the evaluation has been completed, our hearing aid specialist will explain the findings with you and if desired, any friends or family members that are present. We want to make sure that you understand the relationship to hearing, speech and environmental sounds.

If a hearing loss has been identified, we will discuss the prospect of obtaining help through the use of hearing aids. Factoring in your specific needs and lifestyle, the hearing aid specialist will recommend options for appropriate types and styles of hearing aids that are available and best-suited for you.

If you decide to pursue hearing aids, impression may be taken of your ears (depending on the type of instrument recommended) and an appointment will be made to deliver the hearing aids.

If impressions are not needed, you may be able to receive your new hearing aids promptly. At which, we will program the hearing aids based on your hearing loss and preform verification testing with the hearing aids to ensure that you are hearing properly.

We will then show you all the aspects regarding the mechanics of the hearing aids, required care and maintenance and proper usage.

To ensure a successful fitting, McCollum Hearing wants to keep in contact with you. Follow up visits will be scheduled to monitor progress and as well as fine tune the hearing aids that will help optimize listening capabilities.

Real-EAR measurement- will be completed on follow up appointments. This test will measure the performance of your hearing aids within your ear canal. It is performed by placing a microphone in the ear canal while wearing the hearing aid. This will allow the hearing specialist to precisely fine-tune the hearing aids to your individual hearing loss.

Once hearing aids are set to your satisfaction, the longevity of the hearing aids is important to McCollum Hearing. We will schedule 3 month or 6 month appointment to clean and thoroughly check your hearing aid to ensure customer satisfaction.