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Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

In the past wearing hearing aids has made it difficult to use various audio devices such as cell phones and Mp3 players.  However,  today's latest digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology has changed the way hearing aid users stay connected. Sound is no longer only delivered as sound waves moving through air. Hearing aid users can receive sound delivered directly to their hearing aids wirelessly from a variety of audio devices.  Bluetooth can be utilized with cell phones, iPods, TVs, and more.  The hearing aids will pair with the Bluetooth device and you can stream the sound directly into your hearing aids at a volume that is perfect for you!

Each hearing aid manufacturer offers different wireless solutions for their hearing aids, but most often solutions consist of the hearing aid wearer to use a streaming device to "stream" audio output from an audio device (such as your cell phone) directly to your hearing aids.  Some of the benefits of purchasing hearing aids with wireless capabilities include the ability to hear audio devices with both ears for optimal listening and enable you to stay connected to the devices that matter most in your busy life.