Choose Better Hearing in 2023!

Welcome to 2023! With every new year, there is excitement of starting over, a new chapter with 365 opportunities.  Resolutions are apart of every new year and usually one of the first things thought of when it is mentioned. Many have already initiated that list after mulling over it for a couple days or even weeks. As there are many areas of resolutions that are being placed; hearing health can be easily overlooked and be put on the back burner for sometime.  With many of us, who have celebrated the holidays with family and friends the last couple weeks, McCollum Hearing Center would like to encourage this as an opportunity to determine whether or not hearing healthcare should be on the top of your resolution list this year.  

As hearing loss can be gradual and go unnoticed; many cases are unable to recognize if a hearing loss is present due to our brain and ears adapting to the environments around us. It is usually family and friends, who come to recognize that someone is having difficulties hearing before the individual notices.  As some are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the support of family and friends, there are others who need to ponder on the advice and find evidence of hearing loss for themselves before making the decision of making hearing health a priority. Someone with a potential hearing loss should think about the questions below and reference the time with family and friends the past several weeks: 

  • Do you find it hard to following conversations? 
  • Is everyone mumbling or talking too fast? 
  • Do you ask for others to repeat themselves? 
  • Is the TV louder than usual?                                                                                                            

Answering yes could be indicators that you should consider when deciding to take the next step in having your hearing evaluated. A hearing evaluation will decipher the severity, type and will determine the candidacy of hearing aids. As the first step can be overwhelming, there is no obligation to promptly make a decision. For some, the decision can come easily but for others it can take sometime to carefully think about before taking that next step.

Those who are making hearing healthcare a priority in 2023, we applaud you for choosing the path to better hearing. Resolutions or not, it is always a good time to have your hearing evaluated on a yearly basis. Unlike any other new years resolution that requires a change in your everyday schedule, hearing health starts at one simple step: scheduling a hearing evaluation. At McCollum Hearing Center, we are BIG believers in better hearing and it would be an honor to help guide you on this new journey and together we can plan on better hearing all year long.