Golden Opportunity

"The Golden Bachelor" follows in the footsteps of the reality television show "The Bachelor."  This new spinoff highlights those looking to experience and find love in their golden years. Gerry Turner was introduced in the premiere episode spotlighting hearing aids as his daily routine. But wait, surprisingly a contestant confidently showed her "ear candy" to Gerry; maybe it could be real love at first sound? The premiere episode does more than just entertain; it sparked an opportunity for that discussion about hearing aids and overall hearing health! 

Hearing aids are no longer those chunky "beige bananas." The modern innovation of hearing aid technology has grown significantly with a sleek sophisticated design, Bluetooth features, rich sound quality, better speech understanding in noisy environments, and apps that allow adjustments to be made through a smartphone.  With the Golden Bachelor wearing hearing aids, only solidifies addressing hearing loss can support not just a healthy but a thriving lifestyle. Did you see the previews of the upcoming shows? Gerry experiences ATVs, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, and traveling all the while wearing hearing aids increasing his social engagement and communication. Viewers aren't seeing just a device; it is a choice to prioritize the individual's communication and social needs. Gerry is encouraging people to consider the intervention without even realizing it. A pivotal step for mitigating associated risks with untreated hearing loss and effective hearing loss treatment.   

Gerry wearing hearing aids in the show will help with normalizing the stigma of wearing hearing aids. It will break barriers and stereotypes related to hearing loss. Now let's hope his hearing aids are programmed to hear all the secrets and hot gossip.