Happy Veterans Day!

In observance of Veterans Day tomorrow,

McCollum Hearing Center would like to thank our Veterans. 


To those who serve now or served in the past.....We thank you with all of our hearts for your service.  We honor all; soldiers young and soldiers old who fought for freedom as freedom is not an abstract idea. You fought for us and all our rights. Through many days and nights.  Making the difference between the life we choose and the life others choose for us. We are free to think, feel, and speak as we wish. We are free to live where we want, as we want, and with whomever we want. We are free to speak our opinions and stand for our beliefs. 

The brave and bold. You gave us that freedom, as some have lived while others have died but each of them deserves our PRIDE. You have sacrificed your life without complaint, without reservation, you gave, even when giving cost you dearly.

And though we may not know each name, we thank ALL veterans just the same. Thank you for your sacrifice, care, and dedication to improving our lives. There is no way to repay you for our sacrifices in life for ours cannot compare to yours. Please know our thanks to you are sincere and deep, for without you, FREEDOM WOULD NOT EXIST.