How To Survive the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays with Hearing Loss

It's December! We all know what that means, the "hustle and bustle" has only just begun.  Our schedules are getting pack with company parties, Christmas programs, gatherings with family and friends and anything else that we can fit into our already jammed packed schedule. The holidays bring families and friends together to create memories and fulfill us with endless joy but for those who have a hearing loss, the "hustle and bustle" can be discouraging, overwhelming and stressful. When the ability to follow conversations falter, it can result in stress and frustration causing isolation and loneliness. With that being said, our hearing professionals want to give guidance to makes that "hustle and bustle" more satisfying and enjoyable.   

With there being so much to hear during the holiday, we hope these tips will allow you to be confident in creating moments of reconnecting with family and friends. 

"Honesty is the best policy"

Hearing loss is natural and common, especially as we age. But there is a stigma attached to hearing loss and those who struggle might avoid letting others know they need help which might cause a communication barrier. If you are having problems hearing, it is okay to communicate that. Loved ones want to with you as well as see you happy especially during the holidays. Once they are aware of the struggles, they will be conscientious of helping you succeed this holiday. As well as implement key factors that will make communication smooth and allow everyone to partake. 

Technology can be your Friend

Technology can be hard and discouraging but it can be useful in particular situations. Bringing the bright side in having to learn it. I don't know many people who like talking on the phone; some actually avoid it altogether. Why? The voice on the other side can be distorted and unintelligible; which can be hard for normal hearing but even harder for those with hearing loss. Not having those visual cues like facial expressions can cause an unpleasant scenario. Phones represent a  quandary when it comes to hearing loss and communication breakdowns. And as much as we don't like using this from work or school, virtual technology has huge advantages to preventing such a huge breakdown of communication. Using facetime, google meet or zoom can be a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends. Even though the sound quality might not improve, the visual cues are there making it easier to be apart of the conversation.  Even better, some offer captioning!  

Take Breaks

Being apart of a conversation and having a hearing loss takes a lot of effort. As a result of the efforts of active listening, you can become drained and tired more so than you have in the past. That is why taking breaks can be important during the duration your gatherings or dinners.  Hearing takes more than just your ears, those breaks will allow not only your ears to rest but more importantly, your brain needs time for a little fresh air. Taking breaks can be an important step to overcoming the "hustle and bustle."

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are beneficial in every interaction you have with your family and friends. Even the "hustle and bustle" of the holiday season will seem so much easier and facile when you have hearing aids that are properly fit. With hearing aids that are program to your individual hearing loss, the days of asking for others to repeat will decrease and you will be able to reconnect with your family and friends  and all the above suggestions will not seem so unattainable. And the success of better hearing will increase and be more fulfilling.  Those who already wear hearing aids, it is recommended to schedule an appointment before the "hustle and bustle" of the holiday to have a thorough cleaning as well as any adjustments that you made need to ensure a joyous holiday.  Those who want to more than their hearing aid, you can go above and beyond by looking into hearing accessories that wirelessly transmits your family members voice, music, facetime calls and more  through to the hearing aids. Making it an even brighter holiday season.