Lets Spring Into Better Hearing

Every Spring, we welcome new beginnings and an opportunity for a fresh start. After being cooped up all winter and spring knocking at our door, we all look forward to warmer weather, the beautiful sights and sounds that welcome us. When we think about spring, "spring cleaning" tends to come to mind. But cleaning shouldn't just stop at your house, car or yard; it is a great time of year to have your hearing or hearing aids checked by a hearing care professional. 

So how about springing off on the right path with your hearing? If you are a current hearing aid user, consider scheduling an appointment for a yearly hearing exam & thorough cleaning to ensure your hearing aids are performing at their best ability. Regular adjustments and cleanings are important to protect your investment.  If your hearing aids are not functioning properly or you find that you are not getting much use out of them, then it maybe time to schedule an maintenance appointment to determine if they need repaired or allow you to take advantage of the experience of newest hearing aid technology innovations since your last purchase. 

For those who have been on the fence about getting your hearing checked, considering scheduling an appointment just to explore the different options that right for you, there is no one size fits all hearing aid. We are committed to exceed to your expectations. "Value" is measured by our outstanding service, excellent performance of our hearing aids and mission to foster a positive longstanding relationship with our clients. 

Don't miss those bee buzzing, birds chirping, and the breeze blowing through the wind chimes. As people begin to fill up  pathways, parks and playgrounds with smiles, happiness and laughter;  these are the sounds that make this season so important for those who have been missing them. McCollum Hearing Center strives to improve not only your hearing but your quality of life. Hear Better. Live better. Let us help reintroduce and rediscover those wonderful spring sounds again because your hearing is your well-being.