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Make the Most of Your Hearing Aids

Love at First SoundWhen you purchase hearing aids, your hearing care professional will set your hearing aids to match your hearing and lifestyle needs.  It is important that once you get home you strive to wear your hearing aids as much as comfortably possible over the week or two until your follow-up visit.  You may find that your ears are slightly aggravated the first day or so until you become accustomed to wearing the aids.  This is normal but if you find your ears are extremely sore or inflamed, call the professional to let them know.  It is recommended that you put your aids on when you wake up and wear them until you go to bed each night.  As you are wearing your aids, your brain is adjusting to hearing again.  Wearing hearing aids is a rehabilitation process in which your brain must re-learn how to decode and process the sounds around you.  Even if you are home alone or just watching TV it is still imperative that you wear the aids if possible, to help your brain adjust to hearing again.  Since hearing loss is a gradual decline, your brain has learned to cope with and adapt to not hearing.  Hearing again with take some time to get used to.  When you return to your follow-up visit, give feedback to your provider about your experiences with the aids.  She/he can then adjust as necessary to help you hear at your best in the situations you encounter i.e. restaurants, social functions, etc.  The most important thing you can do, when you get your new hearing aids, is to keep your expectations realistic.  Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to normal.  The process is not like putting on eyeglasses that can immediately give you 20/20 vision.  Adapting to hearing takes time and effort.  Hearing aid technology is sophisticated and does a great job at making our patients very happy with their purchase.