Noisy Environment....There is an App for that!

Want to find a quiet place where you can actually communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues?   Do you tend to stay away from venues that are too noisy because you simply cannot participate in conversations? Do you ever wish for an app like YELP but for quality hearing-level venues?  Look no further; A recent app discovery was found to help those search for venues on how quiet or loud they are! 

Introducing SoundPrint!

SoundPrint is a simple-to-use app that allows you to search for venues based on those levels of noise such as quiet, moderate, or noisy.  Not only does it discover quieter environments, but SoundPrint can also measure the loudness of noise levels of each venue that you have experienced using the app's internal decibel (noise) meter indicating the noise volume in decibels and suggests whether this level of noise could be detrimental to your hearing health. Which in turn will give guidance to the community on discovering and establishing a database for those who need or prefer to avoid noisy venues.  You no longer have to sit in a restaurant, cafe, bar, store, park, etc., unable to participate. Relieving this stress factor of hearing in noisy environments is one step towards connecting and engaging with others which enriches everyone's quality of life.

This app was derived from the outlook of quality of hearing but now has expanded beyond the initial idea.  Those without hearing loss now use the app for reasons like business meetings, others in the group with hearing loss, or just want an old-fashioned quality dinner with their spouse. 

Interesting fact-

The Quietest US city based on SoundPrint data is Baltimore, Maryland.  Who would have thought? 

Don't wait....Download your app today!

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