Old Man Winter vs. Hearing Aids

Who would of ever thought that Old Man Winter would could have any affects on hearing aids! And though the hearing aids today are made to keep up with each individual lifestyle with different circumstances like the weather conditions such as wet, cold, humid and dry; those hearing aid an handle tough situations. But in many cases, Old Man Winter can be tough on a lot of things like our skin, our vehicles, our spirit and you guessed it...hearing aids. McCollum Hearing Center sees the importance of  quality of life with and without hearing aids. And being aware and proactive by following just a few steps during the winter months will protect the hearing aids and your quality of life. 

When thinking of summer; heat, sweating, humidity are just a few words to describe what can damage hearing aids. In winter, there are factors that can play a key role of causing issues as well.  Keeping your hearing aids and quality of life is our top priority this winter! Prevent and protect those hearing aids from Old Man Winter with the help of McCollum Hearing Center. 

First there is Condensation, that's right! Hearing aids can get moisture when it is cold outside too. Think of it this way, those who wear glasses and walk inside from the cold, what happens? They sometimes fog up due to the fast temperature change. Even though the bitter cold itself doesn't cause damage, the condensation from changing from cold to warm can create a layer of moisture that could eventually cause permanent damage inside the hearing aid. Moisture causes corrosion to that digital technology within the hearing aid such as those tiny microphones and speakers even the battery contacts and batteries. Just a little droplet can cause a malfunction and put a damper on your hearing. 

While you cannot avoid condensation, there are some preventative precautionary steps that you can implement in the attempt to keep your hearing aids in tip top shape this winter. While this damage can often be repaired, it easier to try to prevent harm rather than not. Provided is a few tips on keeping your hearing aids happy this winter:

  • Opening the battery door at night will allow the moisture to evaporate
  • Some hearing aid companies have dehumidifiers available that can dry the hearing aids with ventilated air flow. Even better, some are chargers as well.  There are other devices that are options that are inexpensive and have a desiccant block that absorbs moisture overnight. 
  • Sweatsocks or sweatbands are available as well to provide a shield or barrier to help prevent moisture from getting into the hearing aid. 

Don't worry, sometimes things happens and winter can really take a toll on hearing aids. Unclear or distorted sounds, fading in and out, static noises or the hearing aid is cutting off and restarting are all early signs of potential moisture damage. If you notice any of these signs, please contact your hearing care professional. It could as little as changing the tubing or using our Redux Drying System to prevent sending the hearing aid out to be repaired. 

While we are on winter, here is another tip during these bitter cold months! Batteries! Cold and batteries don't tend to mix well. The cold and humidity drains the batteries faster than usual, so be sure to store your batteries in a warm place. And always carry extra with you when you leave home.


Brrr! The cold doesn't always seem appeasing but we hope you have a happy and safe winter! If you happen to come across any problems because of that Old Man Winter, be sure to contact McCollum Hearing Center with any concern or problems. We are happy when you are happy. And want to ensure your experiencing the best quality of life!