Roger That!

Phonak Roger iN On™ is a brand new addition to the very successful Roger portfolio. For those of you, who are wearing Phonak hearing aids and are still having difficulty hearing in certain listening environments you would be consider a great candidate for the Roger On iN™. Whether you want to hear better on the telephone or hearing your loved ones,  the overall want is to hear speech better. The Roger On is a easy to use transmitter with 4 microphones designed to help conversations in challenging listening situations like speech in noise or understanding someone speak from a distance along with visual cues. Like your hearing aids, Roger ON can automatically adapt to the environment and switches programs depending on where it is located such as on a table, clipped on to your shirt or just holding it in your hand. It truly helps you focus on matter like work, at school or with family and friends.  With the free myRogerMic app, a downloadable app that allows you to customize your environment and personal settings from your smartphone. With features that steers the direction of speech to where you want to hear, changing the microphone modes such as table mode, streaming mode, pointing mode or presenter mode as well as checking the battery status and allowing you to unmute or mute is a great way to take more control of your hearing.  Having trouble hearing in outdoor situations, don't worry the Roger On is protected against water such as rain. If you want to experience the difference of speech with and without the Roger, call our office at 301.745.4820.