Sounds Of Love

When one thinks of February, what is the initial thought one might think of? .....LOVE! 

Love is in the air this month; where flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are purchased to show one's affection toward another.  But could we say one key factor that plays in the love equation is one's hearing and how it is perceived? 

For example, music can trigger a feeling or emotion that could make us happy or sad just by listening and connecting to the lyrics that the musician is singing. The lyrics, rhythm, and feeling of the emotion of the singer can often make us think about a loved one or an experience that one is facing. 

With that said, hearing is one of the first senses that a human being develops in the mother's womb; even though the baby cannot see, the distinct voices of mom or dad are recognized creating that sense of security and connection to those important sounds. By 23 weeks (6 months), unborn children will be able to consciously discriminate sounds like their mama's heartbeat and voice as well as other sounds such as other voices and music. Allowing the baby to create a connection to the familiarity of momma's voice reassuring love and the ability to be soothed. 

When hearing a sound, the sound passes through a complex hearing system where sound waves are translated into signals through the auditory nerve sending that information to what we call the hypothalamus. This is the "control center" that helps create the response of "fight or flight." Which helps determine, how one is going to react to a situation through hearing.

Many don't realize hearing is an important key part of everyday life. Think about taking away or diminishing one's hearing, that impact goes beyond understanding people and their experiences with the outside world. For example, if a child has an undiagnosed hearing loss, it can be detrimental to their development socially and educationally unless addressed. Later in life, those with hearing loss can isolate or withdraw themselves socially.  Frustration and embarrassment are a few feelings that can come with not being able to understand or engage with loved ones. Especially activities with background noise such as music can be challenging resulting in avoiding that atmosphere.  

This is why is it vital to include a hearing exam annually. Just like vision exams, hearing exams can uncover issues that if not addressed can increase the likelihood of more serious issues. Once a sensorineural hearing loss is confirmed, it is permanent and cannot be reversed. But it shouldn't rule out the relationships and sounds we love.  For the vast majority of hearing aid users, hearing aids allow reconnection and re-engagement in one's life. It doesn't have to be February, Valentine's Day, or any special moment- when thinking about all things incorporating LOVE.  Don't forget that sense of hearing and how much hearing is a component of loving the sounds of life.  Hearing those sounds that everyone loves enriches the life one lives.