With summer brings FUN; Vacations, swimming, beach days, cookouts, and more sunshine. There is no better feeling than the warmth of the sun on your skin, the water and sand between your toes, or the breeze flowing through your hair.  You might be ready but are your hearing aids? The summer fun can create the perfect storm affecting the quality of your hearing aids but more importantly your quality of life. Being aware of factors that can compromise the capabilities of your hearing aids will preserve their lifespan. 

Here are a few tips that can help you HEAR in the heat of summer: 

Summer Tip #1: Excessive Precipitation & The Heat of the Summer

Two things that are your hearing aids' worst enemies are moisture and heat.  Whether you are at the pool, or beach, running errands, or working up a sweat, your hearing aids are going to get sweaty. Not to worry- hearing aids are capable of being able to handle a little bit of perspiration and moisture but be sure to place your hearing aids in your dehumidifier or dry box to get rid of the excess moisture, which will be helpful in extending the life of your hearing aids. 

Summer Tip # 2:  Around Water 

Your hearing aids are not waterproof- though they may be water and sweat resistant; you shouldn't wear them in the pool, lake, or ocean. Be sure to have a waterproof case to store your hearing aids while you cool off in the water. Not only is water damaging but it creates bacteria and fungi. Cleaning your hearing aids regularly will help you avoid germs and moisture buildup.  It might be a good idea to go in to have your hearing aids cleaned and checked more than usual during the summer might be an idea during those hot summer months. 

Summer Tip # 3: Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Storing your hearing aids in the heat or direct sun is a no-no when it comes to the health of your hearing aids. Leaving them in your car, even with the window down can reach up to 120 degrees or more during the summer months. This extreme heat can damage, warp, or crack your hearing devices. It is suggested to keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when you are not wearing them 

Summer Tip # 4: Avoid Exposure to Bug Spray or Sunscreen

We all need to put on bug spray or sunscreen on when outside but our hearing aids do not. Remember to remove your hearing aids before application because this could damage the microphone and battery compartment. Before putting them back on, wait for the product to dry. Also, don't forget to take them out when re-applying. 

With all these tips, the possibility of damaging your hearing aids can be decreased but still can be possible. Contact McCollum Hearing Center if any distortion, static, or intermittency occurs. Summer is the season of fun in the sun! Use these helpful tips and your hearing aids will ensure that you don't miss a moment. We wish you a HAPPY HEARING SUMMER!