Hearing aids can benefit individuals with tinnitus, especially if they also have hearing loss. Tinnitus is often associated with hearing damage or loss, and using hearing aids can help improve overall clarity and often help to reduce the eminence of tinnitus.

Here's how hearing aids may help with tinnitus:

  1.  Hearing aids strengthen the outside world of sounds, making it easier for individuals to hear those sounds and conversations that they have been missing. The input of hearing aids can sometimes help mask the awareness of tinnitus. 

  2. Hearing aids can improve communication and reduce feelings of isolation. This social improvement may change an individual's overall awareness of tinnitus. 

  3.  Hearing aids can be adjusted to help mask certain frequencies related to one's tinnitus. Programming based on the individual's tinnitus characteristics can be done when seeing your hearing care professional.

It's important to note that while hearing aids can benefit many individuals with tinnitus; there is a chance that tinnitus will still be an occurrence.  If you or a loved one is experincing tinnitus and hearing loss, contact your healthcare professional for an comprehensive evaluation and individualized recommendations for your hearing care needs.