What Hearing Loss is like?

Imagine having a hearing loss, do you know how that would sound? Would you want to know?  When you have normal hearing, it might be difficult to understand the complex nature of how hearing loss affects those who actually experience it. And when hearing loss varies in different degrees and forms such mild, moderate, moderately severe, and severe even profound; one could not fully grasp the difficulties that hearing loss brings to their loved ones.  Losing amplification (the volume) is not usually the only thing that affects those with hearing loss; the ability to understand speech and the quality of speech can play key roles in how one can hear effectively.  If you were to put earplugs in your ears, that would simply not give the right impression and doesn't allow one to fully comprehend hearing loss. Below is a video that provides you an example of what hearing loss could potentially sound like.  This could help with the understanding of how hearing loss hinders a hearing impaired individual's life and allow you to see more clearly on the importance of having the support from loved ones when hearing aids are finally an option.  Meet the Flintstones.....(This cartoon footage is used under the Fair Use clause of copyright law).