World Hearing Day 2023

McCollum Hearing Center Celebrates World Hearing Day 2023! 

March 3rd- World Hearing Day

According to the World Health Organization, "ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community. World Hearing Day is celebrated to raise awareness in communities about the importance of ear and hearing care."  At McCollum Hearing Center, we encourage those who have any signs of hearing loss to seek a hearing evaluation. 

Common Signs of Hearing Loss: 

Difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they are saying. Especially in noisy places. 

Asking people to repeat themselves often 

listening the to the television at higher volumes

troubles hearing on the phone 

finding it hard to keep up with a conversation 

 feeling of stress and tiredness from the effort of concentrating in listening situations


Tips to reduce your risk of hearing loss:

Take care of your heart- Any heart disease and high blood pressure has the potential to increase harm to your hearing.

Use ear plugs- earplugs and earmuffs are made to muffle loud noises. They are simple to use and affordable. When in doubt, wear hearing protection. Using them will prevent hearing loss if there is constant noise levels throughout your day. If you are exposed to increased noise levels, be sure to take hearing breaks throughout the day. 

Use noise- cancelling headsets- eliminating background noise, noise cancelling headphones help you hear movies, music and phone calls more clearly. This devices will allow you to hear at a lower volume and give comfort to your hearing as a result 

Quit smoking- studies have found that exposure to cigarette smoke, whether firsthand and secondhand can significantly affect ones hearing health. Similar effects have also be shown with excessive alcohol consumption. 

Exercise regularly-  Working out maintains healthy blood flow to your ears and throughout your entire body. The interior components of the ear remain healthy and high oxygen levels ensure good circulation. 

Schedule an hearing evaluation if needed- if there is a potential hearing loss; treatments are much more successful the earlier the hearing loss is identified.