Your Heart & Your Hearing

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States with risk factors that are on the rise such as hypertension and diabetes. A recent study brought to light a correlation of how hearing loss is intertwined with cardiovascular disease risk factors. Pinpointing different attributes of CVD risk factors of those more susceptible to hearing loss, researchers included age, body mass, and noise exposure trying to isolate each factor at a time. Focusing on the heart’s connection with the body’s senses and bringing opportunities for early intervention finding that diabetics, smokers, and those with hypertension have a greater risk of developing hearing loss.

When investigating hearing loss and risk factors; a healthy cardiovascular system ensures an adequate blood supply to the body including the inner ear which is highly sensitive to blood flow. When the blood flow is compromised to the ear due to CVD risk factors, this could be a contribution to hearing loss.

Our lifestyle choices can also affect heart health, like poor diet and lack of exercise, contributing to the increased risk of hearing loss. When CVD factors are already present, chronic inflammation can be associated, which affects the blood vessels and structures within the body and ear. Medication prescribed for CVD can cause side effects that also play a role in developing hearing loss.

It is essential to know that this research is complex, and more studies are needed to understand it. The key takeaway is that not everyone is getting their hearing checked when other health issues are involved which is a vital component for overall well-being. Early intervention is vital to success!