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Hearing and relationships

We as human beings are social creatures by nature that need other people to go through life and share ideas/thoughts with. Family and friends play an important part in our lives, as they provide an environment in which we feel secure and understood. To be understood and function with those in our environment we need to be able to communicate properly, meaning we need to be heard and hear what is being said in return. Sometimes this communication is disrupted by a loss of hearing?

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Resound Linx2 Testimonial

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Can Obesity Cause Hearing Loss?

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine, packing some extra pounds around the middle may be linked to some types of hearing loss.

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Staying Healthy this Flu Season

No one likes getting the flu or catching a nasty cold. Luckily, most of the time these illnesses pass without causing complications. Sometimes, however, the flu or a cold may  cause hearing loss.

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Fire Safety For People With Hearing Loss

When it comes to fire safety, people with hearing loss are particularly vulnerable. When you can’t hear, it may be harder to take quick action and escape during a fire emergency.

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Childhood Ear Infections Related to Hearing Loss in Adults

According to recent research from Newcastle Universit

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Understanding and knowing the details of Medicare and what it covers can be downright confusing and this is why a common question we get at the site is, "Does Medicare pay for hearing aids?" The federal health insurance program covers people who are 65 or older, as well as some younger individuals with disabilities or severe diseases. However, Medicare does not cover all costs of medical services, which is where the rules can get tricky.

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Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

Hearing aids of the past often limited the wearer’s access to many personal audio devices such as mobile phones and music players. For example, in order to use a music player while jogging, the hearing aid wearer had to remove his hearing aids to accommodate a pair of earbuds. However, today’s wireless hearing aids make it possible for the hearing impaired individual to connect with personal electronic devices and stream signals directly to the hearing aid through the use of Bluetooth.

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Hearing Aid Batteries

Once you’ve purchased your hearing aids, there are generally a few accessories that are necessary to keep them operating properly and in the best condition. In addition to a case to carry them in and general tools to help keep them clean, batteries are an essential purchase for every hearing aid wearer. Hearing aid batteries are not a one-size fits all, however. There are different things an individual must know when purchasing hearing device batteries.

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Insurance and Financial Assistance

If you're in the market for hearing aids, you will soon discover that they are rarely covered by medical insurance or Medicare. There are many avenues for financial assistance with the purchase of hearing aids but the opportunities can vary according to the individual.

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