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All That Noise Is Damaging Children's Hearing

Michael became hooked on headphones in his early teens. He walked the streets of Brooklyn day after day with his favorite music blasting directly into his ears.

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A Little Hard of Hearing

Does loss of hearing with age afflict men and women to the same degree?

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Personal Health: Lifelines for People With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss, a disability currently untreated in about 85 percent of those affected, may be the nation's most damaging and costly sensory handicap.

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What to Do When a Newborn Can't Hear

The 8-year-old boy already had  hearing aids when I met him, back in the 1990s. He had been born before newborns were routinely screened for hearing problems, so the diagnosis had not taken place  until he was a slow-to-talk toddler.

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Working or Playing Indoors, New Yorkers Face an Unabated Roar

The waitress’s lips were moving but nothing seemed to be coming out. Hundreds of voices swallowed her words as a D.J. pumped out a ticka ticka of dance beats. The happy hour-fueled din rose with it, amplified by tin ceilings and tiled walls.

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Obesity in Teenagers Is Tied to Hearing Loss

Obesity in adolescents is associated with a range of cardiovascular and other health risks. Now a new study adds one more: hearing loss.

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Do New Yorkers Who Ride the Subway Risk Hearing Loss?

A widely discussed 2006 study of transit noise in New York City, measuring noise on buses as well as in subway cars and on platforms, was described at the time as the first such formal study published since the 1930s.

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Scientists Discover Compound to Prevent Noise-Related Hearing Loss

Your mother was right when she warned you that loud music could damage your hearing, but now scientists have discovered exactly what gets damaged and how.

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Hearing on the Phone

Why is hearing on the phone so difficult? When the telephone was first developed, voices were carried across copper wires.

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Men Who Want to Stay Active, Feel Younger, and Remain Socially and Professionally Engaged Should Address Hearing Loss, BHI Advises

Hearing health affects a man’s lifestyle, and if he wants to stay active, feel younger, and remain socially  and professionally engaged, he should address any hearing loss he may be  experiencing.

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