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Closed Captioning Frustrations

"Watching top-quality captions on TV is the shared goal of the entire community of people with hearing loss and members of the National Court Reporters Association. 

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Expert Advice On The Fitting Process

Neil J. DiSarno of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has some valuable information to share with those that are being fit with hearing aids.

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Experience Hearing Loss

Watch this brief video from the New York Times titled, Experiencing Hearing Loss, to gain an insight into how hearing loss effects you.

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Is "Ear Candling" Hazardous to Your Hearing?

If  you have wax buildup in your ear, there is a variety of effective methods to help  remove it, but ear candling is not one of them.

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RIC Hearing Aids

People with a mild or moderate hearing loss have a real choice. Their hearing loss doesn’t drive them to use amplification as strongly as it does for a client with a severe or profound hearing loss.

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Don't let the heat beat your hearing aids!

With the heat rising, McCollum Hearing Center wants you to protect your investment!

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Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss

Tips for traveling by plane, traveling by car, and for staying a hotel or resort.

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Hearing Accessories

If you have a hearing loss that effects your understanding ability, it may be beneficial for you to consider one or more of the following hearing accessories.

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Hearing Checklist for Parents

Up to 3 months: Reacts to sounds and moises without sight contact

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Using Unite Phone Clip with Resound Hearing Aids

Need assistance using your new phone clip from Resound? Watch the video below for some helpful pointers.

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