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Hear for the Holidays!

This holiday season don’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying the festivities and gathering with family and friends. The holidays tend to be more problematic for people with hearing loss, whether you’re shopping, traveling or attending a party; situations are more likely to be noisy. For people with untreated hearing loss, the more noise the harder it is to follow a conversation.

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How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

Hearing aids last an average of 5 years.  Most often what happen is the technology becomes outdated before the hearing aids actually wear out.  Depending on how well the aids are protected from ear wax, moisture, and debris the longer they may last.  Regular cleanin

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Patient Testimonials

Check out what these happy patients have to say about their hearing!

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Trouble with Resound App?

After downloading iOS 13 and the latest app updates, patients have reported issues with Apple device connectivity and app functionality. Resound created a ReSound app tips webpage dedicated to helping patients resolve some of the common issues they may be experiencing.

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Roger Pen

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Roger Table Mic II

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Roger Select

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Updated Resound App

  New Pairing Process for iOS 13 Yesterday, Apple® released iOS 13.1. We are currently testing the compatibility of iOS 13.1 and ReSound hearing devices and will update when we have confirmed compatibility. For patients that have updated their Apple device to iOS 13 or 13.1, there is an updated pairing process to find and select their devices. iOS 13 pairing flow:Settings → Accessibility → Hearing → Hearing Devices Previous iOS pairing flow:Settings → General → Accessibility → MFi Hearing Aids

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